Wartime CEO Review

Wartime CEO

Wartime CEO calls out wholesalers, real estate investors, and aspiring entrepreneurs with the headline, encouraging them to tune in on what comes next. What’s next? It’s the video that will reveal a simple system of them that just works. If you’re committed to scaling your wholesaling biz, Rhen Bartlett of Wartime CEO says that they got you. See what he has to say further in my review down below.

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First off, who’s Rhen? Well, in the video, Rhen introduces himself as an eight-figure wholesaling coach. Someone who specializes in growing wholesaling companies and helping their owners by relieving blind spots and giving them a proven process to make profits.

And no, he’s not just a coach, the type that only makes money out of selling courses and “fly-by-night coaching group call”. He clarifies that he has spent the last five years building a wholesale company. He’s done it from scratch and taken it all the way to $20m in revenue.

My first assumption is that dude’s also the founder and CEO of Padly, an Atlanta-based home buyer company. But nope, it’s a different person named Clint Cooper who’s the founder [and another coach] of Wartime CEO. I have no answers on why he’s not the one introducing the course. He’s the dude with experience listed publicly, not Rhen.

Back to Rhen, he admits that he had difficulty himself in growing the biz. He adds, “I fail dozens of times and made every single mistake you can imagine from leadership to marketing to systems operations, and to hiring the wrong people inside of my organization.”

We all know where this leads, no plot twist here at all. As expected, he claims to have collected all this experience [failures and mistakes] and includes it in his training along with the secrets of building an eight-figure wholesaling biz.

When his business only has ten deals or less a month, he’s doing all the work himself— marketing, setting appointments, sending emails, managing the buyers’ list, closing deals, and more. Instead of having the weekends off to chill with his fam, he’s working seventy, eighty hours a week. This is not what he envisioned.

Those times were understandably stressful, and he only pushed through sheer grit and determination [I’m not being dramatic, it’s his words]. And guess what, he has it figured now and he’s willing to share his secret sauce in Wartime CEO.

They’ll hook you up with their sales process, their most robust CRM access, and their top three marketing channels to get more out of your ad spend. They’ll give you allat plus access to the daily group pillar calls, a Google drive holding contracts, training materials, and the likes, a private Slack channel, and Wartime CEO Facebook group.

“My system works. It’s simple, it’s not rocket science,” Rhen assures. That’s cute and all, but I would rather hear an assurance on Wartime CEO’s cost. He gave no words on the latter, but I assume that the price Wartime CEO is asking is around $5k.

But wait, there’s apparently levels to this. Besides the package with daily group pillar calls, Wartime CEO also offers something with bi-weekly and weekly one-on-one executive coaching calls. Of course, expect both to be pricier.

Wartime CEO Review

Regardless, I won’t be recommending Wartime CEO for two reasons. The first reason is the lack of reviews and testimonials outside their website to confirm that they’re the real deal. I understand that they’re somewhat new in the scene. But nope, I ain’t pushing any of my readers to be a guinea pig and try something untested.

The second reason is the business model itself. With wholesaling, you have to deal with both difficult sellers and buyers. One might lack enough motivation to sell and negotiate; the other might be too greedy and back out of the deal.

A wholesaler’s job is to facilitate the transaction between these two and help them meet halfway. Doing this is hard and you can’t rely on it for a consistent income. Which is why I simply don’t recommend doing it, especially not in this economy.

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