Watch Trading Academy Review (Pejman Ghadimi)

Pejman Ghadimi

Pejman Ghadimi sure is addicted to anything about luxury items. I’ve reviewed him before claiming to show the fastest way to buy your very own exotic car and sell it afterwards for a profit. Now, he’s out here promising  at least 19% returns by flipping premium watches. And he’ll teach all of his secrets once you sign up for Watch Trading Academy. Is it worth to, ehem, trade your money for this? Scroll below to know the answer.

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It’s not just the returns, even the average time it takes to complete a watch deal is absolutely bookers too. 72 hours on average, to be exact. And the requirements for you to make the opportunity behind Pejman’s course isn’t that limiting too. According to him, you just need to fit the following criteria: You have at least $1,500 for starting capital, you have access to a safe parcel office like FedEx or UPS, and you have your own bank account. Just like the requirements on his Exotic Car Hacks, it’s safe to say that the opportunity is best for people in the US and Canada.

Checked all the requirements? Then, good job of being a fit candidate for doing watch trading. But before you take ya ass towards Pejman and sign up for his course right away, hold up for a quick minute and reassess his promise again. The 19% figure isn’t obvious to show my point, but here’s the equivalent figure in income: a million dollar profit in just 25 trades for 125 days! That’s what the income calculator on the course’ site says, anyway. Ooh, definitely smells like a get rich easy BS to me….

Okay, maybe he can get away with this by having a fine print below the calculator. It’s not some law requirement sh*t like the income disclaimer, though. Instead, it’s straight up saying that the calculator is “for entertainment purposes only.” ‘Xcuse me, what’s the purpose of showing the calculator on your ad to entice signing up for the course, then? What the heck is this clownery, Pejman?

Even ignoring the figures from the said calculator, the others he claimed as his and his student’s profits sound too f*cking good to be true too. Not as egregious as whatever the calculator is showing, but still bad, regardless. For example, he says that he’s able to take home a clean $912,114 in 2020. One of his students, who he claims as better than him, was allegedly able to make over $500,000 in 2019 within 6 months. That profitable for selling second-hand items on a hardcore enthusiast’s industry? Cap.

Like the fish getting caught from its mouth, Pejman also says something that made this really sus to me. This is him repeatedly talking ‘bout how this lucrative opportunity is never talked about, except those in the know. Even claiming that the jewelers and watch dealers alike are being secretive about this biz because they want to keep the goldmine to themselves. Makes you wonder why is Pejman spilling the tea when a self-proclaimed millionaire like him can dominate the watch trading scene easily? And no, don’t throw me the “too big of an opportunity for myself” excuse, not in an enthusiast’s industry like this.

Watch Trading Academy Review

I shouldn’t be talking about excuses, TBH. He’s not throwing any because he’s assuming that everyone who’ll read his sh*t will fall for this hook, line, and sinker. Not me! I hope you don’t fall as well. Don’t be a part of the suckers club who are too desperate to get rich quick that they turn a thousand bucks poorer.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some value behind Pejman’s course. Learning how to distinguish fakes from real watches is a must-have skill in the niche as well as knowing when to buy them for discounted prices. He’ll teach that in a 5-hour video training plus you’ll get guides for the best brands to buy, case studies, access to a private group, and list of recommended providers for service and parts. 

However, the income claim is just pure BS. And from what I read online, you can just learn all of the knowledge I’ve mentioned above through online forums. Sure enough, there’s a lot of helpful communities out there that’ll lend you a helping hand for free. No need to pay the price of Watch Trading Academy that costs $997. To answer the question above, it’s a no, aka not worth trading your money, for me.

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