Wealth System Webinar Review

Wealth System Webinar

Wealth System Webinar is something that claims to know the secrets to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur. How original, isn’t it? Totally not seen the term nor the testimonials on the Autopilot Check System, I swear. Not even the business model, sh*t’s unique asf… Yeah, riiiight. That was all sarcasm if you’re not getting my vibes. Still confused on why I open up with the not-so-subtle sass? Better read my review of the webinar below, then.

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First of all, I wanna say that I’m so damn tired of reviewing programs and squeeze pages like this. No joke, regardless of different names or different gurus fronting (sometimes none of them front if I may add), they’re all just cut from the same cloth. If one’s sh*tty, the others would be obviously sh*tty too. My point? Wealth System Webinar does not a pull a miracle here and is not an exception to the sh*ttiness.

Again, this webinar by a certain coach Terry is no different to the ones by Marc Barrett, Marc Wilson, Josh Snyder, Wes Wells, among others. Well, if we’re about to go deep with ‘em technicalities, there’s a subtle difference in Wealth System Webinar than the ones created by the guys I mentioned. To my surprise, there’s some effort here, albeit minimal, to stand out among the rest.

That’s right, there’s a teeny weeny bit of effort done here. Not going down the path of the likes of Marc Wilson who even preached on a testimonial featuring him that there’s no need to update the PR materials. Pfft, the bar is in the depths of hell, I guess.

For the specifics, I haven’t seen the infamous screenshot of the levels plastered on the webinar’s site. There’s some additional video edit made too to mix along with the old ones in an attempt to make the biz look fresh. In reality, it’s just the same ‘ol sh*t. Lastly, lots of old testimonials remained fosho, but, at least, there are new ones added. Instead of a check from mail, there are videos now showing a screenshot of a bank account statement which are likely manipulated by either Photoshop or the inspect element tool on browsers. Or maybe, it’s just exclusive to the coaching circle, IYKWIM.

Still, doing something close to a bare minimum is not something to celebrate. The e-learning content and most importantly, the business model still sucks, regardless. Still following the pattern I’ve noticed myself a few reviews ago. For example, the charge for each level is, again, the sum of membership and admin fee. The latter fee costs more by equal increments, $200 here like the usual, as you go up levels. And unless you buy the Royal level and qualify for a 48-hour fast action taker bonus at the same time, the commissions you’ll earn for every sale, er, invite is 50% of your level’s membership fee. The figure would be 75%, otherwise.

Wealth System Webinar Review

Specifically, here’s the deets on the Wealth System Webinar’s levels.First is Wealth System Webinar’s Gold level that costs $3247 ($247 admin fee) and gives a $1,500 commission on every sale. Next is Platinum level at $7,447 ($447 admin fee) with commission of $3,500 on every sale. Third is Diamond level at $14,647 ($647 admin fee) with commission of $7,000 on every sale. Finally, Wealth System Webinar’s Royal level cost a whopping $21,847 ($847 admin fee) with $10,500 (or $15,750 if you got the bonus) commission every sale.

Obviously, I won’t recommend the Wealth System Webinar. Aside from the crazy expensive upfront fee, they’ll also bleed your wallets dry with selling YouTube campaigns for leads that cost $500-$1,500 per package. Who knows if they’ll be delivering interested leads at all, probably not, in order for you to keep purchasing the packages.

In the end, the success of the biz depends on you getting an invite by yourself, and not on their provided website nor closer. But, then again, like my sentiment on leads, I’m also skeptical on whether they’ll send out commissions that you deserved for making sales of a hard-sell. There’s a reason the gurus here usually hide behind a fake internet persona or sometimes, not even show any form of identity whatsoever. It’s for them to get away scot-free when sh*t hits the fan. Just stay away and never look back, alright. 

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