Wealth Cap Holdings Review (Taylor Welch, Chris Evans)

You never would have really expected that two guys who run a company that’s mainly focused on digital advertising would shift towards real estate. Somehow that is what Taylor Welch and Chris Evans—not that Chris Evans—did with Wealth Cap Holdings. It’s not the kind of jump you would’ve necessarily expected. The worlds of digital advertising and real estate aren’t really the same.

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To start off, Taylor and Chris founded a company/website called Traffic and Funnels. If you weren’t really aware of digital marketing terms, the name of their company would sound kind of weird. In marketing, traffic refers to the people who go to your store or to your website. If you get high traffic, that means a lot of people go to your website. It doesn’t really mean that high traffic will automatically lead you to high sales. That’s where the funnel comes into play. The funnel is basically the journey any potential customer has going through your website, especially if you’re selling something.

That business venture of theirs proved to be successful, they’ve earned millions of dollars through it. Digital marketing is a big thing. People nowadays buy a lot of stuff primarily through the internet. And you, as a business, would want to earn a lot money from those kinds. You will probably employ a lot of the knowledge that companies like Traffic and Funnels provide. Although there are people who teach the same things on places like YouTube for free.

I still can’t wrap my head around the reason why they suddenly decided something like “Oh, we should try real estate.” They put up a post on the Traffic and Funnels website that basically talks about why they decided to expand. It mainly has to do with passive income. What passive income basically amounts to is that you earn money without having to do much. Earning passive income through real estate is basically buying a property and then leasing the property to prospective homeowners. You earn money every month from the rent that they pay you.

That’s basically what Wealth Cap Holdings is. You put money into the company by buying a property through them and then you earn money every month. There isn’t much else to what the company is besides that. Taylor posted a video on the YouTube channel for Wealth Cap Holdings that basically goes through all of the details of how it works. But my explanation pretty much sums it up. They started this new venture around late 2019. And the latest post on their Facebook page was from 2021. The website for the company is still under construction. But the blog for it is still active.

It doesn’t seem like there are any recent updates to Wealth Cap Holdings besides that. Taylor and Chris are basically more active on the Traffic and Funnels side than the Wealth Cap Holdings side. The lack of any updates on any of their official channels will make you wary of putting your money into the company. I’m not really sure what kind of website they’re planning that’s taking them a long time to relaunch.

The thing about what Wealth Cap Holdings is doing with regards to real estate isn’t particularly knew or novel in any sense. What they’re basically doing is buying a property that’s relatively run down or hasn’t really been renovated in a while. And then renovate the heck out of it in order to adhere to current building codes and what not. In real estate, that’s called flipping. When you flip a house, you’re basically hoping to get more money than what you put into the property including all the costs for renovation and staging. The pricing for the house will be based on the relative prices in the neighborhood.

In the case of Wealth Cap Holdings, you’re basically going to purchase a property with their help. They’re also putting their own money into that property so you own share of it. It’s usually 50-50. They’re basically in charge of handling all the risks that may arise from renovation to leasing. And all you really have to do is give them money and relax.

Going into real estate requires a lot of money from you. Even with whatever expertise Wealth Cap Holdings has, it’s still not worth all the trouble. Like I said, there haven’t been any updates from them in recent months so you don’t really know if this whole venture of theirs is still active. That’s not really worth taking the risk on.

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