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Wealthery Mastermind  Review (Travis Stephenson)

Travis Stephenson

Travis Stephenson mentions how Wealthery Mastermind is “so much” more than a course. He adds, “It’s a coaching program built around courses that gives you ongoing access to help…” Then, he follows up with a call that YOU need something that’s more than a course… Something like Wealthery Mastermind. How convenient, amirite? Oh well, I guess gurus like Travis will keep doing their guru things, while I keep reviewing their courses. My review on Wealthery Mastermind continues below.

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Travis had a lot of business models going in his offers under Wealthery branding. Email marketing, affiliate marketing, creating sales funnels, and a whole lot more. It’s all over the place TBH. However, his latest pitch (at the time of writing this review) highlights the program’s The Search Affiliate Training. So, essentially, this current version of his Wealthery Mastermind seems to be centered around affiliate marketing. That’s what we’ll talk about, then.

According to him, he took his entire process, outlined it, and redid it altogether to show affiliates what they needed to do. The result of his work are these four steps that follows: Step one, find the buyer targeting search; step two, find a good offer that pays well; step three, create a “money page” that makes more sales; and step four, create the ads using my “spend less, make more” system.

In step one, he explains how he’ll show you free and paid ways on how to find things people are searching for. “l’II also be teaching you my exact ‘Easy Money’ systems allowing you to leverage trending products for PENNIES and make big commissions,” adds him. Looking like Lightyear for all the buzz, huh? In reality, he’s just talking about keyword research. Spare me from the unnecessary hype, psh.

Meanwhile, dude mentions in step two that most people think it’s easy peasy to find winning offers that pays well. Well, it’s not, simply put. That’s why you need a mentor like him to guide you in finding the “one”. Means choosing the right offer as well as avoiding the bad ones. To him, this is important since it’d also determine how you’ll build your promotion out. 

In step three, he describes that these pages are “super simple” pages that’ll convince your prospects to buy whatever you’re selling. Says he doesn’t write nor pay others to write the said pages for him, but then wants us to shell money for it in his Wealthery Mastermind. Like, okay, it’s some suggestion to AI writing stuff (which he mentions “has read all over the internet” which sounds bull), but are you better off hiring one (or a freelancer) yourself?

Finally, he dubbed the ads in step four as the secret sauce. The ultimate hack to spend as little as possible while gaining the maximum results. The spending here is related to ads, while the result is probably related to sales. The latter bit is just my assumption based on contextual clues. Can’t guarantee sh*t because dude decides to be vague about it. Again, gurus doing guru thangs.

Wealthery Mastermind  Review

That’s what you’ll learn in the 25-module The Search Affiliate Training, one of the courses in Wealthery Mastermind. Besides that, you’ll also get the following after signing up for Wealthery Mastermind: Money Page Templates (landing and affiliate bonus pages), The Search Affiliate Recipe (AI copywriting), Instant Money Products list, plus more upcoming training and case studies to make it “more than a course”. The price for all of this Wealthery Mastermind’s inclusion is $297 a month.

The cost might look affordable, but don’t get fooled. Not when you can learn how to do this affiliate thang without the guru-fied BS and promises (like making thousands in less than 72 hours of training, just no) for zero dollars. Yes, zero! There’s nothing special here, none of ‘em actual secret sauce or anything. Just look at the “Kartra” YouTube listing he mentioned in his pitch as a selling point. Dude pretends that it belongs to the top of searches when in reality, I had to scroll quite far to see his sh*t with measly 480 views.

But wait, the ones I listed above are not the biggest reasons why I won’t recommend Wealthery Mastermind. Instead, it’s not wanting to f*ck with someone busted for suggesting various sh*tty products. Pushing lots of ‘em on ya face and calling it part of the training. That’s bullsh*t. Seriously, you just don’t pay someone to become their commission farm, let alone be suggested by either overpriced services (e.g. website builder he’s affiliated with) or scummy MLMs. No, thank you!

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