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Luke Wechselberger has been claiming that he has helped a lot of people achieve financial freedom through Amazon, which is known as the biggest online ecommerce platform today. One of those individuals he helped, happens to be his own dad. And he has been doing it using his own online training course, the Amazon Seller Pro. The time to start learning how to earn money via Amazon couldn’t be better. As the COVID-19 has brought some setbacks, but also opportunities. First, lots of people have become unemployed, so online selling has become quite popular. Second, the inability to go out of their homes has people turn to online shopping for their needs. This results in a flood of opportunities for the ecommerce industry.

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As for Luke himself, he has been doing this for over three years now, meaning he’s quite experienced in this field. In fact, he’s uploaded more than four hundred videos to his YouTube channel, documenting his journey. In one of his video ads, he explains what the Amazon Seller Pro online course is all about. “For those of you who don’t know this business model too well, what we’re doing is actually private labeling products. So I’m gonna show you how to use these really easy tools to find out how many sales a month certain products are making.”

“And then we’re gonna go find other ways that we can bundle an awesome product value and sell it at a competitive price to then beat out everyone on the first page for your product category. That’s gonna lead you to make a ton of sales. And the coolest part about it is that your inventory is stored in Amazon’s warehouses and then shipped out to customers with Prime two-day shipping, so you never even have to touch any of the inventory or any of that,” Luke adds.

Finally, he closes his statement with this, “And it’s not like we’re doing wholesaling or any other thing like that. We’re actually private labeling our own products. So we’re building our own product brand asset that can literally be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on how big you build your own brand. I’ve also just updated the course to show you how you can get a trademark for your product brand within ten days.”

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The Amazon Seller Pro online course contains a total of 10 hours’ worth of content. Each of the videos contained within has a runtime of 15 minutes each, which makes it easier for most students to digest the training, and also makes it easier for them to backtrack should they need to. There’s no mention of how many modules are contained in the course. After you completed the full 10 hours of the course, you’ll get an opportunity to have a one-on-one coaching call with Luke himself to help you pick a winning product. In addition, you’ll also get access to the Amazon Seller Pro Facebook group where members post their success, ask questions, and engage within the community of like-minded Amazon FBA sellers.

The Amazon Seller Pro online course costs $999 to join. Additionally, you can “upgrade” to the Seller Pro Elite package, where, in addition to the inclusions on the “normal” Seller Pro Package, gives you an additional opportunity to meet Luke Wechselberger himself in person, for more support. Semms like it does have some decent success stories, however. For example, a certain Brian Pate, who Luke used to work with in the restaurant business. He had a fourteen thousand dollar day on Amazon just a few months after enrolling in the course. However, I don’t think that you’ll be learning anything new about ecommerce or Amazon from enrolling in this course.

What it means is that, while this may be a good Amazon online course, it’s not really the best there is. To be fair, you can actually learn about this business model without spending a dime. A few minutes of research can bring you some free sources that are also in-depth and comprehensive. You will not be getting the support included here if you choose that route though, but honestly, if you are still on the fence regarding starting an Amazon store, you are better off learning from free sources for now. To be fair, there are a lot of other online communities open to anyone who is willing to learn. You can look for those instead. Overall, for the price offered, I am expecting some secret, groundbreaking techniques, but looks like you would not get anything like that here.

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