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We Do Ecom 4 U Reviews

The never ending evolution of our technology led us to the promising biz we have today, which is eCommerce. Online shops are popping out like mushrooms and that’s because of these companies like We Do Ecom For You, who entices people by claiming that they have the easiest way for you to earn tens and thousands of passive income in the comfort of your homes. How do they differ from the rest of the companies in the eCom industry? Find out in my review below.

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Scott Barrie, the man behind We Do Ecom For You, is an engineering graduate to begin with. His realization of the growing eCommerce industry led him to establishing this company in 2018. That’s how people find success, realization of things which will probably become big in the future and invest in them in the early stages. There were risks involved, that’s for sure but if you’ve done your research well, then it will eventually show promising results. 

“The potential of eCommerce and the digital world is huge, and here at We Do Ecom For You, our mission is to help people unlock these unique benefits. My driving force is to help other entrepreneurs discover the same financial freedom that I have been able to enjoy, letting them say goodbye to the dreaded 9-5 rat race”, says Scott in one of his interviews. The pandemic might also have been the trigger that most of these companies found success in the eCom world.

Still is your choice if you want to keep your 9-5 job on top of having an eCommerce business with them since they promised that there is no work required on your end. “Our clients need no experience in the world of eCommerce. We will take care of everything for them and ensure them that they can enjoy all of the benefits without needing to worry about how to begin”, says Scott as he vouched for their company. 

And since we’re living in a fast-paced world, Scott and his team made it possible to start a new eCommerce brand allowing the investors to enjoy financial freedom. You might have read “financial freedom” countless times but that’s where they’re all about. That’s their end goal when they establish the company and they will not stop until you reach the freedom that you’re entitled to have. And how will they do that?

Statistics show that 60% of online sales are processed through Walmart’s or Amazon’s online sales system, and 53% of those sales come from third party sellers. $20M+ dollars in online sales happen every hour Amazon or Walmart alone and their company will help you create your own store to capitalize on that trend through  automation. They’ll design an online store for you from scratch and later on be optimized to list and sell profitable trending products on either Amazon or Walmart’s platform.

First step is to create your online store. It’s either you pick your niche that will take 8-12 weeks to create or you can have one of their pre-approved stores that is already available but comes with a first come first served basis. They’ll be incharge on dealing with the domain name, design, integrating payment gateways, legal documents and more. Next step is they’ll find the most in-demand, good profit margin with low competition products that eventually will be profitable for your business.

They’ll also be the ones finding and coordinating with your supplier to reach certain demands and fulfillment. When an order is received from your store, logistics, tracking and handling of the product are also being recorded and handled by them. So you really don’t have to do anything. They’ll just get a cut from your sales when it’s time for payout which is typically scheduled every two weeks based on Amazon and Walmart.

They’re not like other eCom automation companies that promise you six to seven figures monthly. They’re not over exaggerating things on that matter, telling that an average client makes anywhere from $7500 to 15 grand a month using their program. Maybe theirs is not just as competent as the others, we don’t know, but that’s a good sum of money for a passive income. They offer an array of services based on your needs. That’s why you need to book for a call available on their website to find out more regarding your upfront investment fee.

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