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Weiss Ratings takes pride in empowering investors with ratings, research, and newsletter. In one of their products named Crypto Investor, Weiss Ratings’ founder Martin D. Weiss claims that they knew what’s next after Bitcoin. To achieve generational wealth, Martin mentions looking beyond Bitcoin and taking part in a “new Crypto revolution” that no one knows except a very few. Interested in joining the so-called revolution ? Read this review first to know if it’s actually legit.

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To continue, Martin calls the opportunity behind his program as “The Greatest Money Revolution of All Time.” That’s not an overstatement, says him, because the little-known Crypto he’ll reveal in the program, at a price, of course, is already starting to affect traditional banking and finance. And it’ll only get better through time, so you better jump in the trend before it’s too late.

“It’s an entirely new kind of financial system that cuts out the middleman,” Martin claims. The said revolution will also let people borrow and lend money directly from each other. All without the need of a traditional bank and a traditional broker….

Wait a second, is he just describing the decentralized platform, a fancy schmancy term for a market unregulated by authorities, where you trade Crypto? Upon further reading Martin’s article about Crypto Investor posted on their site, I found out that I’m right all along. Old man is just talking about Decentralized Finance or DeFi for short. But lo and behold, he’s hyping this sh*t up like it’s his own brainchild. Probably it’s his slimy way to sell his own stuff. It couldn’t be more obvious.

Aside from lowkey taking credit for DeFi, Martin also mentions knowing what undiscovered Crypto is worth investing in. Again, he’s really convinced that being ahead of everybody else is the winning gameplan in the Crypto space. I mean, it could be true if they’re able to predict what coin will go kaboom in the near future – basically become a Nostradamus, but in Crypto. But nope, Martin and the team behind Weiss Ratings is far from being that despite Martin’s claim. Not when they’re infamous for giving sh*tty ratings, some are made to shill undeserving ones to pump their own bags even, way before they dabble into Crypto. In fact, they got the SEC to send them “better change or else” letters for committing borderline fraud.

As expected, the Crypto ratings of, ehem, Weiss Ratings is terrible too, maybe even worse than their previous ratings that made SEC tail their ass. Don’t get me started with Martin claiming that they have a team of “expert analysts” that devote nearly their entire time exclusively to finding undiscovered Cryptos. If they are indeed great at finding such, they’ll be the ones investing so they can realize their too good of a promise – I’m talking about getting 55x, 180x, and 1,250x gains. They probably don’t even have any experts at all as they basically scurried their way into Crypto space without prior knowledge, whatsoever. Y’know, just there early to ride the hysterical hype of Bitcoin and the likes, and in turn, sell their pricey courses and newsletters about it.

Weiss Ratings Reviews

TBH, I’m also doubting if they have any proper team besides the so-called experts. The common denominator among the many complaints is their non-existent customer service. Imagine flexing your team of experts when you can’t do the basic sh*t of properly communicating with your clients. Maybe it’s time for old man Martin, who’s probably senile now, to hang it up, I guess? I’m not a hater because he’s 76-year old, but you gotta stop your delusions and lowkey scammin’ at some point.

Most importantly, they also got a lot of seething comments about how sh*tty their courses are. And it’s not just the Crypto Investor, but everything under Weiss Ratings. Add reviews of erroneous charges and crazy number of upsells before getting some real and “juicy” info (still sh*tty info, regardless), and we got the most negatively reviewed company I’ve seen so far in known consumer review platforms such as BBB and Trustpilot. Move over Anthony Morrison as Weiss Ratings has taken over the number one spot for having the most complaints ever in a BBB page at 71. Meanwhile, their Trustpilot ratings ain’t too shabby either at being the absolute worst, garnering over 83 one-star reviews out of 101 total. F*cking yikes.

The verdict would be so straightforward here – I don’t recommend Crypto Investor or any of Weiss Ratings’ products at all. The price of Crypto Investor that costs $39 a month is just an entrance ticket to a never-ending upsell of up to $15k. Pricey as well as essentially only giving none to sh*tty advice that’ll pump their bags and not yours. Crypto trading is already known as one of the most heartbreaking ways to lose your money, don’t make it much worse by losing more on paying Martin and his pricey Weiss Ratings’ products. Okay? Okay.

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