Remote Wellness Academy Review (Mohammed Malik)

Remote Wellness Academy'

Mohammed Malik hasn’t posted anything new on his ‘gram for a while. I’m thinking that it has something to do with a massive expansion he mentioned in a post way back in March. He didn’t elaborate whether it involves his Remote Wellness Academy, though. Instead, he goes motivational and suggests powering through extraordinary challenges if you ever desire an equally extraordinary life. “If you want to be the top 1%, you can’t do and think like the 99%,” he concludes.

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Knowing the guy and his coaching program beforehand, I already expect to see a bunch of motivational quotes here and there. Y’know, even in places where you shouldn’t see it. And my hunch is not just because of him being a coach in health and wellness space. It’s about the way he conducts it, the business model he’s actually suggesting.

The business model in question? The program’s name says it all— it’s getting a six-figure career out of remote wellness. Not able to connect the dots? It’s alright, I’ll fill you in with the deets that’ll surely light a bulb in ya noggin. And I think there’s no better way to do this other than share the story about his first client.

According to Mohammed, he started as a typical salaried employee at a gym until he met Diane. No, no, it’s not about love at first sight or something because this gal right here is his first client. But yeah, he’s not supposed to talk to her directly. Heck, it’s not really his job to do any consultation at all. He’s more of a fix the router kinda guy rather than a wellness coach slash salesperson.

Whatever, he didn’t have a choice, but to power through it, anyway. And power through, he did. To his surprise, Diane made a very interesting proposition. She’s not really interested in any workout plans nor diet regimen from the gym. All she needs is someone holding her accountable… a person who’ll motivate her to consistently work hard through online means. The gym doesn’t have such service, so Mohammed swooped in and did it for Diane.

Understand why I had this hunch now? The biz he’s suggesting relies on you motivating other people. Gonna need to do that if you follow what he says in his program. Should you? Quite frankly, I’ll say no to that. Meaning, I won’t suggest signing up for his Remote Wellness Academy that probably cost a fortune, around $12k (or maybe lower, but still buncha grand expensive) like Tanner Chidester’s Fitness CEOs.

Don’t get me wrong, Mohammed and his Remote Wellness Academy is not necessarily a scam. He’ll likely provide training materials once you wire him money for the program. That being said, I’ll still say a big fat NO to this. But why? I have three reasons and one of them is the cost of it. It’s too pricey, ‘nuff said.

Two, Remote Wellness Academy doesn’t have much social proof outside their site. If they’re that good at teaching their students how to get $10k-20k clean take home money monthly, there should be a handful gushing at how great they are. In reality, there’s nothing. Nothing but crickets.

Remote Wellness Academy Review

Someone might argue, how ‘bout considering the testimonials posted on their own website? Well, I did take a look and I’m not really convinced with it, the very first one in particular. Girl looks like she needs the motivation herself when she’s the one that should be giving it, oops. I meant no offense, but it is what it is. And no, it’s not just her haggard look, but also the overall vibes she’s giving off.

Finally, my third reason would be the nature of the business model itself. Like, isn’t it irresponsible to handle health and wellness stuff without you having certifications. Y’know, the one you’ll apply for if you want to be a licensed wellness coach and/or nutritionist. Or at the very least, you gotta have years of study first because this space is not a place for pseudoscience bullsh*t.

Yet he implies not really needing any special knowledge here as long as one, you sign up for his program and follow his instructions to a t; and two, you’re able to find clients willing to deal with ya. Isn’t that last bit scummy? Nothing sounds good in a biz that involves preying on naive individuals who know no better. Like seriously, just leave it to actual professionals.

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