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There is always going to be a lot of people you don’t know were relatively internet famous. If you’re somehow who doesn’t really get into different rabbit holes on the internet that much, a lot of these names of these people may sound foreign. You don’t really have to know everyone who gets some level of notoriety on social media or video sharing platforms like YouTube or Twitch. You’re actually better off not knowing that many internet personalities because it’s not really that worth it. Still, there are a lot people who became known in certain spaces on the internet. Wes Watson is one of them.

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Wes Watson’s claim to fame is his ten-year stint in prison. There isn’t really much to know about Wes’s life story prior to him being incarcerated. He lived most of his life in California but, somewhere along the line during his teenage years, he decided to start selling marijuana. It was during his time dealing time dealing marijuana that lead to his arrest and subsequent incarceration. His time in prison had a fair share of him getting into fights with other prisoners. But he managed to finish that decade-long sentence. And in 2017, he decided to become a fitness coach.

It’s somehow not surprising that Wes would decide to help other people become fit. He has the type of body you would expect from somebody who spent a lot of time in prison. He had huge muscles and a lot of tattoos. Just by the looks of him, you’d kind of be scared by his presence. If a tall, heavily-muscled and tattooed person talked with you out of nowhere, you’d be afraid for your life.

It’s no surprise that anything can be monetized nowadays. A lot of people earn decent amounts of money posting videos on YouTube on a regular basis. I feel like there’s always a different niche that’s gaining popularity among users online every other week. There are a lot of experiences to share and a lot of people are willing to watch them talk about their experiences, no matter how long or how many ad breaks are in their video. Wes Watson’s journey into become a content creator started shortly after he got out of prison.

There were already a few ex-convicts who’ve made bank on telling their prison experiences on the platform. One of them was Marcus Timmons, or better known as Big Herc. He created a YouTube channel called Fresh Out in 2013 where he talked to a lot of other ex-convicts about their experiences. It was through that channel and a bit of encouragement from his friends that Wes decided to start a YouTube channel of his own. He has amassed more than 400,000 subscribers and more than 70 million views. His monthly income from ad revenue on YouTube is about $10,000.

I’m actually amazed at how consistent he is when he uploads videos on his main channel. The pose he does in his thumbnails matches the pose in the video. He really managed to have some kind of branding while talking about his life in prison. It’s definitely not the kind of content that I would interested in. But I’m glad that there are people who are interested in it.

Aside from that YouTube channel, he also has a second channel that’s more geared towards motivational speeches. In those videos, he mostly walks around in his yard and just talks for minutes on end. He has made business around his experiences and that’s great. Even on his website, where he sells his services as a fitness and motivational coach, you can see a lot of references to his life on it. He posts a lot of progress photos from the people he has coached over the past few years. And it seems like it works. Like I said, working out requires dedication and motivation. It’s very hard to lose weight and retain the form that you have if you’re not willing to put in any effort into it.

It’s great people like Wes have managed to make a decent living after being incarcerated for years. A lot of formerly incarcerated people deserve chances to live a better life. And if becoming a content creator or a fitness coach is the road to that, then by all means. They should pursue it.

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