7 Figure Mindset Secrets Platinum Card Membership Review (John Whiting)

John Whiting

John Whiting of Bulletproof Entrepreneur claims to help online coaches, consultants, and agency owners hit hundred k a month, probably even more, just by reprogramming their mind… Oh wait, those are Bobby Goodwin’s words and not John’s, my bad. Afterall, John seems tired of this typa stuff, being a guy who failed with “traditional woo-woo personal development”. The more apt description of what he’ll do would be changing how you think. Sounds like Bobby’s, so what’s the difference? See below.

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Free your mind, grow your business, become unstoppable. These are the texts that’ll you’ll see first upon visiting Bulletproof Entrepreneur’s website. Then, they flex how they’ve got the next big thing to the limitless pill. Which, as they clarify, something that unfortunately doesn’t exist. What even is a limitless pill, anyways?

From someone who’s claiming to be done-so with woo woo stuff [and fake gurus], it’s weird seeing how his thang, 7 Figure Mindset Secrets Platinum Card membership in particular, is centered around managing your mind. Like, sir, that’s clearly the mind conditioning BS you swear not to mess around no more. And yeah, sh*t’s not that different to Bobby’s.

Besides, the course is actually about setting up your own high ticket online coaching program. I don’t really understand why he has to repeat “free your mind” this, “become mentally unfuckwithable” that, like how a Karen™ would repeat themselves when using their American Express Platinum card. Is that why he names his membership Platinum Card too?

Oh, and also, he definitely sounds like those fake stock experts who are all gloom and doom just to sell their products. Yappin’ about freedom getting taken away as if he’s not a cis white man himself. Lots are getting denied from certain people these days in this so-called “Land of the free”, but you’re definitely NOT one of those people. Check your privileges and kindly STFU.

In all seriousness, 7 Figure Mindset Secrets Platinum Card Membership promises something that’s implied in their name:  It’s to help their students build their very own seven figure biz by scaling a coaching [or agency] business. John apparently knows how to build something like that himself. I mean, he claims to not only have one, but two seven figure businesses. One’s a marketing agency, then the other one  is coaching. Duh!

So, here’s what you’ll get with 7 Figure Mindset Secrets Platinum Card Membership. Aside from the 7 Figure Mindset Secrets 2.0 course, you’ll also get other courses such as Marketing Mastery bonus courses, John’s Step-By-Step Business Growth For Entrepreneurs system, and John’s Bulletproof Finances Accelerator System. You’ll also have access to an elite network of like minded individuals, weekly online coaching, scripts, custom success plan, and data tracking dashboards.

The price of 7 Figure Mindset Secrets Platinum Card Membership? Well, 7 Figure Mindset Secrets Platinum Card Membership cost $47 a month. A figure touted by John as something less than the price of three Chipotle Burritos. My guy, I’ll take the said Burritos over your offer any day.

7 Figure Mindset Secrets Platinum Card Membership Review

In other words, I don’t recommend signing up for the Platinum Card Membership and for reasons you might resonate with. First, I ain’t paying for a mindset course that also sells itself as a business course. It’s one or the other, and I won’t bulge. Having the right mindset is vital in scaling a biz, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. 

Second, I ain’t recommending this because a coaching biz is not for everyone. You gotta have the authority and charisma to speak on certain things and get paid for it. Unless you’re fine being one of ‘em fake gurus, I don’t recommend  this biz if you’re not completely sure if you got the creds and expertise to become a legit coach.

Lastly, I won’t send a single dime to anyone who’s proud of their association with sh*tty individuals. In particular, John seems tight with infamous gurus such as Ravi “Doing VAs dirty” Abuvala and Dan “Ho ho hoe” Henry, even mentioning them multiple times in 7 Figure Mindset Secrets Platinum Card Membership’s sales page and his other websites. The two are sh*tty, alright, and there’s a high chance John is a turd as well. What they say, “Like attracts like.

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