The Wholesale Connection Review (Xavier Major)

Xavier Major

Xavier Major, co-founder of The Wholesale Connection program, believes that he and his team can help you with consistency. Whether consistency in learning, marketing, or taking action, Xavier said that it will guarantee you in closing 3-5 real estate deals a month. According to him, he is not your typical guru and claims to show the exact strategies that made him a successful wholesaler and flipper while providing actual tools/software to see real results from the knowledge he had shared. “Education needs to be matched by action and that’s where the success comes from,” Xavier added. Read this review to learn more about him and his program.

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The Wholesale Connection is a program that provides done for you (DFY) tools and systems needed to streamlined wholesaling and flipping real estate businesses. Basically, flipping is acquiring undesirable properties and remodeling it for the purpose of selling the property again for a profit. On the other hand, wholesaling is like flipping without the fixing/remodeling part.  The program was founded by Xavier Major, a self-proclaimed military brat who have helped clients make over $30 million in revenue and generate over 7,000 leads.

The program’s site does not provide any details at all unless you provide your contact information such as name, email, and phone number. If you are willing to give that, you will be redirected to a page with what is basically the video pitch of their paid program.

In the pitch, Xavier mentions the action-no action loop that makes real estate investors fail in closing deals consistently. According to him, his program can do the following to stop this loop and enable you to have a predictable income:  Build a foundation for scaling, provide consistent marketing, scale back your time and provide a system that works for you, and scale up the deal flow by removing constraints such as having no software to delegate processes in the business and/or not having enough leads. Xavier also mentioned his 4-point system called the B.O.S.S. method which stands for build your business foundations, optimize your marketing, systematize your operations, and scale up your business.

At the end of the video, you are encouraged to book a call for the details of his paid program. Specifically, they will audit your system to point out why you do not have consistent lead flow, where your data should come from, how to get your time back by hiring a virtual assistant, and how to scale your deal flow. However, you will be discouraged to schedule a call right away if you cannot close deals, do not have at least $5,000-$10,000 of capital/credit ready to invest, or still waiting to close a deal to secure the investment. The discouragement is them being realistic so no one waste their time, but they could have put it in a more professional manner rather than writing “PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A CALL AND TAKE UP A SLOT JUST COME BACK WHEN THE DEAL CLOSES!” in bold uppercase letters.

The Wholesale Connection Review

Their screening questions are also off-putting. One sample question is them asking whether you have a significant other that may not like the changes you are going to potentially make soon (aka investing in The Wholesale Connection). It seems like they do not want you to have some help in your decision so you can take action immediately (aka pay them) without thinking too much. Ultimately, agreeing to paying at least $5,000 upfront without knowing what they fully offer (aside from Podio software training) requires you to not think at all.

It is also important to note that wholesaling, flipping, or real estate businesses in general are not recommended to invest in nowadays due to it not being recession and pandemic proof. It is also not for everyone. Wholesaling alone is one of the most high-risk branches of real estate while fix and flip is susceptible to unanticipated expenses that arise from oversight. To add, it was mentioned by Xavier that their system will require cold calling which can be uncomfortable or downright stressful for some people.

There is no conclusive evidence to say that Xavier Major and his The Wholesale Connection program is a scam. However, I cannot recommend him and his program due to their transparency issues and cost. You can look at another wholesaling program like The Kingdom Real Estate if you want to learn more about wholesaling. Ultimately, I do not advise any business that involves real estate until the pandemic ends.

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