WiFi Flipping Academy Review (Nick Estes)

Nick Estes

Nick Estes is a real estate mentor that claims to be a self-made and self-taught entrepreneur. His story is something that’ll make you sing Drake’s “started from the bottom, now we’re here.” From struggling to get through highschool before, he became a successful real estate developer by being wired differently among the rest, or so he says. After being asked many times on how he did it, he decided to create a program like WiFi Flipping Academy to share his experience. I’ll review the said program below.

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Nick has more money now compared to his young self in Maine, that’s for sure. Without it, he can’t fund the stupid amount of likes in his recent Instagram posts. I’m almost impressed by it as it’s rare to see gurus have thousands of likes despite their sizable follower numbers. Turns out, Nick probably just paid some service to boost his figures. Found it out as he’s hiding the number of likes on his past posts. I’m almost duped to giving him props for being actually relevant, whoops.

You might be wondering why I’m concerned with the likes on his ‘gram. Does it really matter on the quality of his WiFi Flipping Academy? To answer you, I’ll say yes, it somehow matters. It’s because I really cannot find any social proof outside his site. No written reviews, no video testimonials, no nothing. The only thing that pops up while I’m searching for the said reviews is a YouTube video of Nick giving a testimonial on a wholesaling/flipping convention he attended in 2018.

Personally, I don’t want to be the guinea pig who’ll try the program first (as implied by the lack of social proof). Not when Nick doesn’t reveal the two “premier real estate companies” he has grown. No mention of it on his LinkedIn account, whatsoever. The only thing listed there is him being the owner of his site NickEstes dot com. No excuses of the account not being updated as Nick, as a matter of fact, already updated it with his current offer (WiFi Flipping Academy being replaced by Apex Wholesaling Partnership program now).

With regards to his attendance at a wholesaling convention for newbies, I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions. Maybe he’s just there to connect with other real estate developers… or maybe not. Maybe he just likes listening to other people’s way of converting leads… or maybe he’s learning it for the first time there, and, then, recycling the info he got in his programs. 

Probably it’s just my skeptic ass, but it’s weird to me that a guy claiming to be self-taught and has over 17 years of real estate experience attended a traditional, something comparable to highschool, convention. Quite a coincidence that the testimonial for the said convention is him raving about what he learned on converting leads while the main selling point of his new program is he and his team converting leads on your behalf. Makes me go hmmm….

Anyhow, let’s talk about his WiFi Flipping Academy. In WiFi Flipping Academy, you’ll be taught the usual process of wholesaling. Y’know, the most fleshed out version of flipping without the complexity of doing some repairs and renovations.

WiFi Flipping Academy Review

The process goes like this: Find motivated sellers offering properties with under the market prices, get ‘em under contract, and, then, find an equally motivated buyer who would pay for the said contract. Basically, you’ll be a matchmaker of sellers and buyers of properties. Like Cupid, but in real estate.

Easier said than done, of course. But fret not, WiFi Flipping Academy is here to help ya. Here, you’ll be provided with video training and scripts that’ll help you start your wholesaling biz. You’ll also get access to Nick’s software called Estes Data to help with finding sellers and buyers.

The difference between WiFi Flipping Academy and Apex Wholesaling Partnership? Well, WiFi Flipping Academy is pricier at $1,997 compared to Apex Wholesaling Partnership at $297. Apex Wholesaling Partnership also highly encourages a “partnership” with Nick (aka being one of his grunt workers grinding leads) where it’s optional on the latter.

The “partnership” is identical to the business opportunity Peter Conti offers, but somehow worse because of its implications to Nick’s software (either it sucks or it’s using your leads, regardless of quality, to pump its database). Last but not the least, I also don’t see Nick mentioning the Academy recently unlike Apex. Even the WiFi Flipping Academy’s site is not working as intended anymore. I guess I’ll pass this one up.

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