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One thing that I enjoy about writing about different personalities and their respective net worth is the process of learning about them. I admit in most of the articles that I write that I am not really great at knowing every single person that has ever worked in the world of entertainment, music or sports. There are just so many of them that it proves to be hard to know every single actor, athlete or musician out there on the planet. Nobody has the time to keep track of every single one of them. A lot of names will fall through the cracks every now and then. But I try my hardest to learn more about them.

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Depending on the breadth of the work that a person has did for the film and television industry, it could be a challenge in writing about them. Not everybody has lengthy biographies that other actors have. There’s just a lot more information about certain actors nowadays because of how we’ve become obsessed about knowing their personal lives. I don’t think the level of closeness people feel with celebrities now, especially with social media, was the same four decades. There are probably already paparazzi by then. But not in the way that their photos immediately get posted online in seconds.

The struggle with writing using minimal information about a certain person is difficulty. But I still manage to find ways around it. Most of the time, I just let the stream of consciousness pour out. I somehow manage to fit the words I am thinking into the subject matter even though it’s often about the concept of the work that they do instead of the actual person that does it. Hey, that’s how life is. You’ve just got to stall just enough before you get to the point you were making.

I haven’t really watched a lot of older television shows and the reason for that is that not a lot of them are easily available to watch. In the age of streaming services, there have been very few services that choose to put older titles into their services. I guess a reason they could give is that digitize older works takes a lot of resources to make it work. There’s also the aspect of buying the rights from whichever company owns the title that they want to put on their service. I guess it’s possible that the copies have already been digitized. But it seems that none of them want to put it to their services.

While I was writing about Morgan Woodward, I came across the Wikipedia page for the television series Dallas. Now, I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t born during the time that Dallas aired. So I have no frame of reference for the series. Looking at the clips I could manage to find on YouTube, the series seems like a normal series you would expect for the era. You could tell that it was filmed using actual film cameras. But it’s definitely done in a way that’s meant for television.

One of Morgan’s co-stars in the series is William Smithers. There’s not really much that you could find about his personal life. But it seems that he just kind of stumbled upon acting during his college years. Or perhaps he grew up with the acting bug. Who knows? During his freshman year at college, he played the role of Thomas Jefferson in the play “The Common Glory.” It’s amazing how he got to play the lead that early on. It made sense that he would venture to Broadway to further his career. He played Tybalt in a production of “Romeo and Juliet.” He earned an award for that performance.

Eventually, like a lot of actors, he went on to start a career in film and television. He only did a few films in the first decade that he was active. Although, he did a lot of work on television which I’m not going to list down. The major one is the role of the oil baron in the series “Dallas.” He had a recurring presence two seasons before having a more increased presence in the latter half of the series. It doesn’t seem that he has done a lot of work after that. Still, he managed to have a net worth of $3,000,000.

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