The Wing Girl Method Review (Marni Kinrys)

Marni Kinrys

Marni Kinrys is the woman behind The Wing Girl Method. She also calls herself the ultimate wing girl and to my surprise, somehow deservingly so. In fact, she got the label from PUA World Summit along with the award of being the best female pick up artist that year. Er, should I say congrats? No way I’m saying that the said summit is the standard on rating dating skills BTW. But, at least, the wing girl label is not just a self-proclaimed one.

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I won’t lie, I’m actually surprised that there’s some cheap imitation to Guiness World Record, but on dating and flirting. First of all, how the heck do they come up with the winners? To me, all of this depends on personal preferences. Instead of being the best in the world, I would rather call this as the best in the eyes of the judges. Also, I don’t think you can easily simulate the skills on the spot for someone to judge. Makes the whole matter moot.

But whatever, I do think the summit being out of commission since 2013 proves my point that sh*t like this is dumb. Is it completely nonsense, though? Not really because we have a living, breathing example right here, Marni, who uses the award to push the narrative that she’s the real deal when it comes to dating. Is she really?

And, so, on to her website I go. Below the The Wing Girl Method brand is the following: “Confidently Attract Women With My ‘No. B.S. Dating Advice’ (and) Discover 1 Simple Technique To Get The Women Addicted To You.” Not overly cringe and without the repulsive hurr durr Alpha male undertones, but I’m not impressed with the tired “one weird trick” clickbait. Don’t tell me being the best at pick-up lines doesn’t translate at all in copywriting?

Like, alright, let’s say this is how you get guys to sign up for your sh*t. At least, put a better photoshopped pic of yours beside the statement, damn it! C’mon, there’s a lot of softwares out there that’ll get the job done. One click and boom, work complete! But nope, you’re just gonna leave the sh*t with an obvious trace of background residue right there. Ugh.

Some may argue that I should just let it go, but hell nah. First impressions last, especially in dating. Remember that. So, what? Well, for starters, the way to present oneself should be every mentor’s utmost priority. Especially true for those giving out advice on the dating space.

Y’know, mentors just like Marni. But, girl, did she flop on presenting herself. A complete 180. That being said, she should’ve known better. She’s even acknowledging the importance of leaving a good first impression in her case study about a frightening date night. Walk the talk, girl. It’s not that hard.

The Wing Girl Method Review

Moving on, browsing her site feels like I’m reading straight out of Playboy magazine. Minus the suggestive photos, it’s the same ‘ol smut with no nonsense dating advice sprinkled in. Instead of making it rain with money as promised on business courses that I usually review, you’re gonna make it rain down there instead. Get it? Don’t blame me for the visual BTW, this sh*t is lifted from one of her free articles.

Personally, I’m not paying for any dating advice whatsoever. At worst, I’ll just buy known dating magazines instead. But before I spill why, I’ll list down a sample of what you’ll get with Marni first. Take her bestselling Flirt Method for example. For this The Wing Girl Method offer that cost $47, it contains the following: a 72-page book that explains the method, bonus case studies, and one-hour video footage of “women tell all” interviews.

The reason why I’m not buying this is because you can easily get the same advice for free. I’ve seen the book myself and she’s giving out lots of reasonable advice, to be fair. A far cry from those curated by men where women are treated as mere objects. Y’know, the prey to a man’s predator. Yuck. Still, not a worthy thang to put your fifty bucks on. Real talk, if advice such as practicing basic hygiene and not acting like a perverted creep towards women don’t come to y’all as common sense, then maybe dating is not for you yet. Sorry, not sorry.

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