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FBA Winners Course Review (Tamara Tee)

Tamara Tee

Tamara Tee asks her viewers, which includes me, if they’re curious of who’s behind these Amazon Stores. You know, whoever is getting paid thousands whenever you’re shopping there. Personally, I don’t care whoever TF are them especially when she reveals that those people are just ordinary people like me that don’t lift a finger. The audacity to call me ordinary, excuse me? But besides that, no way you’re not working you ass off in Amazon. Know the tea by reading this FBA Winners Course review.

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Let me start this with spilling that Tamara is being confused on what character she’s going to portray. In her Instagram, she’s always posting about how working hard is her lifestyle. Waking up early, skipping holidays because gluing your eyes to a computer screen doing work all day is apparently what’s in, and not meeting with the fam because they don’t make you money – your business does so you gotta put in the work there. All of this while she is enticing people to try FBA in her free training course by saying that it’s so easy and hands-free that you don’t ever need to lift a finger.

Specifically, girl is spewing things (BS, rather) like you don’t need alarms here aka “don’t have to wake up early, sleep in” and you are your own boss. She also goes on to say that she’s taking vacation every two months and spending a lot of time with her family and friends. It’s fine since she’s probably making a lot of mullahs from her FBA course to make it possible. What’s wrong is her saying that you could do the same as you start your FBA biz. Also, it’s not aligned with her hardworking persona at all. Make up your mind, girl!

I’m more inclined to support her hardworking side though since it is what you need to sniff success in Amazon FBA. Also, you need money – lots of them. I mean, you can start with $1,000-$2,000 in FBA but your chances of succeeding is very low. The first figure is only for building a humble inventory, but you also need more for ads and all that stuff that will let people know that you and your store exist. If not, there’s no way they’ll know who TF are you among the millions of sellers that might sell the same product as you. No sense of having a store when no one buys your sh*t, that’s just common sense.

So, anyway, she’s selling a course that might help you succeed in FBA. It usually costs $1,997, but there are murmurs that they do sometimes adjust the price up to $5,000 based on what they think you can pay. This is for a 16-module course of about 12 hours, an access to a private Facebook group, and a group phone call each week with other students and Tamara.

FBA Winners Course Review

The modules tackle the following topics: Opening an Amazon seller central account, basics of Alibaba, engaging with suppliers, product research, info on copyright and trademark infringement, UPC codes, info on logistics, calculating your profit margins, hiring virtual assistants, building a product listing, info on product reviews, launching your product, info on Amazon PPC, info on protecting yourself with bad reviews, info on taxation and expense accounting, and scaling your business.

That’s a lot of topics. The thing I like the most here is the extensive training on Amazon PPC, the ad avenue you’ll probably want to utilize when working with FBA. In fact, Tamara is also offering a more advanced course that is all about that and ads, nothing else. She knows that the ads are one of the most important things that will make or break your FBA, and it’s showing.

However, she’s not upfront that FBA is not for everyone, just like most of the mentors in FBA do. Just for the sake of selling her course, I guess. She doesn’t say that FBA is a very risky endeavor in a very brutal and competitive market , and something that needs at least $7,000 or more capital at the start to ever had a chance of succeeding. Something with no easy Ws despite learning all you need from an expensive course like hers. She should’ve also mentioned how the cost from setting up ads such as Amazon PPC adds up. It’s also not an inherent passive income biz nor a laptop lifestyle. It’ll only be like that once you’re able to hire assistants to do all the dirty work for you. Lastly, what’s with her salesperson changing the price from $1,997 to $5,000 just because they think you’ll take the bait? Scummy AF.

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