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Beyond Six Figures Review (Justin Woll)

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Justin Woll is a 25-year old self-made millionaire who claims that he did so due to his success in eCommerce, especially dropshipping. in fact, he’s a six-time ClickFunnels Two Comma Club award winner, an award given only to those entrepreneurs who have generated over a million’s worth in sales revenue using ClickFunnels. He has also been featured in various online publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more. More importantly, he’s the founder of Beyond Six Figures, a company that provides training and mentoring to new and even experienced entrepreneurs about starting and/or scaling their own eCommerce businesses. Read on for my Beyond Six Figures review.

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The Beyond Six Figures Personal Mastermind Experience Program (Whew! Quite a long name.) consists of two parts. First is the eCommerce University (also known as the Six Figures University) which, as you may have guessed, is the online course part of Beyond Six Figures. This is a step-by-step program that will take you from building your own eCommerce business from scratch, promoting it, up to scaling it. The next part of Beyond Six Figures is the 1-on-1 Mastermind Coaching Program, where you’ll be personally coached by Justin Woll himself with regard to eCommerce.

The eCommerce University is then further broken down into 8 modules, though there’s no direct mention of how long the entire course curriculum will last (it’s only assumed to be around 6 months). Module 1 deals with store creation. You’ll be taught here how to create your own eCommerce store step-by-step so you can follow him. It also covers a general overview of the kinds of things that are covered in the personal mastermind experience program in a few short Introduction videos.

Module 2 deals with product research. This will teach you what are the products that are making the most number of sales on various eCommerce platforms, so with that knowledge, you will know what you need to sell to get the most revenue. Module 3 deals with creating video ads. It’s a proven fact today that video ads provide more engagement than other types of ads (text or pictures), so this course takes advantage of it and teaches you how you can create an effective video advertisement for your eCommerce store.

Module 4 deals with something called “Targeting The Algorithm.” It’s not explicitly said anywhere on what this module teaches, but we can assume that it involves knowing about search engine algorithms in order to take advantage of them to boost your marketing. It’s claimed that this module has received plenty of attention, both wanted and unwanted, in the advertising industry. But they say this is good enough proof that the Beyond Sis Figures program is constantly updated.

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Module 5 teaches you on how you can do one-click upsells for your online store. It’s easily assumed that this deals with how you can create a sales funnel using ClickFunnels. Module 6 discusses on how you can launch an ad campaign. It’s said that this is the biggest module in this course, as it covers plenty of topics related to marketing. We can assume that it’s going to be related to various paid ads, and others.

Module 7 is all about identifying the strong performers in your online store. Here, Justin details on what products in your lineup are really selling well than the others, and which of the marketing strategies you’re doing are getting the most conversions. These data are useful in order for you to plan your strategies and ensure the success of your store. Finally, Module 8 deals with how you’re going to scale your business once your store’s earning profits. Justin here shares two plans, which are the “slow cook” approach, and a faster, “pressure cooker” approach.

Aside from these modules, there are also various bonuses included in the eCommerce University that basically expands on the topics tackled before. As for the 1-on-1 Mastermind Program, it lasts for around 6 months, and includes personal coaching from Justin himself, access to a private group of fellow students of the course, as well as a peek of Justin’s current winner on his own eCommerce store.

The cost for availing the training programs of Beyond Six Figures varies with the program you prefer. Getting all of the inclusions (the course itself + 1-on-1 coaching) will cost you a total of $5,000. However, if you prefer only the course, it’s only going to cost you $997. Justin claims that he will only accept 10 students for the program, so there’s a bit of a fake scarcity going on there. Additionally, there seems to be a lack of case studies for the training program, so there’s no telling if Justin’s claims when he’s promoting this are true or not. And it’s not helping that his claims seem to lean more on the exaggerated side. Overall, Justin Woll may be legitimately successful, but it’s more likely that he achieved this by selling his training programs, and not from having his own successful eCommerce store.

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