Business Credit Workshop Review

Business Credit Workshop

Business Credit Workshop’s Joe Lawrence started his business with not much money. Why, he’s a 9-5er without a lot of savings before. All he had is a dream that someday, he’ll get out of the rat race. “One day I’ll be free,” he dramatically muttered to himself. And free himself he did, thanks to getting the credit funding for his biz. Like him, you can apparently get some too by signing up for his Business Credit Workshop. Review below.

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Isn’t it weird that Joe really had to put a guru-fied story on his Business Credit Workshop website? Putting all the guru buzzwords he can fit, on a backstory that’s not necessary no less. I don’t know ‘bout you, but I  don’t think he should be out here enticing people to get business credit funding. They should already need it, and what’s left for him to do is to show that they’re the best at helping them get it.

The implication of pushing peeps into getting business credit despite being dead broke is just irresponsible. Real talk, those who are actually dead broke are likely struggling with putting food on the table. Maybe solve that sh*t and let them be in the right headspace for starting a biz first before promising the world ala “broke be gone with this one simple step”, with the step being getting business credit.

Seriously, a business credit doesn’t automatically make a biz go boom like what it apparently did to his real estate thang (if this was true at all). Gotta get the business in the right direction first before thinking of strapping yourself with more debt. And yeah, no matter how fancy you describe credit, it’s still debt. Worse, it IS debt with higher interest rates. Bottomline, stop baiting people who know no better… Stop selling them dreams that can become a nightmare real quick. Period!

Don’t get me wrong, programs providing help with getting business credit funding can be legit. Are they, Business Credit Workshop, legit, though? I have doubts. I think it’s problematic that they’re targeting a demographic that I’ll deem desperate and vulnerable. Seems like one, those who had planned on getting credit and already think through it won’t see any reason to choose them; and two, they only give a damn about selling their service, never mind selling it to people who might not know the responsibility that comes with it.

That’s why I have doubts alright. Mind you, I’m just getting started in exposing their scummy ass. But before I continue with the spill, I’ll list down what Business Credit Workshop offers first. Besides the usual paid workshop offer, they also offer one-on-one coaching and assistance in getting credit. Means you better expect pricey upsells if you only opt for their free or cheap training. ‘Member that, um-kay?

Business Credit Workshop Review

Aaaaand back to justifying my doubts. This time, complete with receipts, as I’ll go through their customer reviews. Infairness, they got positive reviews, albeit usually generic and too good to be true (e.g. credit funding that got approved too quickly). However, what really caught my eye are the negative ones.

So, aside from the training where I did get the guru-fied backstory that cost $37, Business Credit Workshop also charges $1,200 a month if you want their assistance on getting your credit approved. Should be a personalized thing too (t’is the one-on-one coaching I mentioned earlier), but no. That’s just the expectation, far from what they really provide (or not provide rather) in reality. According to a reviewer, not only did she not receive any support or coaching from Joe and Business Credit Workshop, she also didn’t get any credit funding at all. 

Worse, with the $37 training as an exemption, they’ll refuse to give refunds on all their offers. As another reviewer mentions, “we do not do refunds” is the Business Credit Workshop response when he asks for one. He tried to settle this beef by going to their office, but couldn’t because Joe set it on a PO box address. Isn’t that illegal too, the hell? With that said, I can safely say that Business Credit Workshop is not worth investing in.

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