Worship Coach Review (Rick Pino)

Rick Pino

Rick Pino created Worship Coach after realizing that the usual worship lessons are focused on answering the how’s, and not so much on the why’s. It’s a problem and Worship Coach is the solution. To add, this online coaching platform is something Rick mentions as a new and powerful resource to become a confident worshipper who’s unique and not a mere copy of anyone else— just as God intended. My thoughts about Worship Coach are down below.

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Not gonna lie, I don’t remember any instructions about striving to stand out as a worshipper like it’s a damn competition. Like seriously, I don’t think it does matter if you’re unique or what. What an odd thing for him to say… or is it?

Here’s the thing: I’ve heard some chatter about “we have Jack Black at home” Rick. Apparently, he’s notorious for twisting God’s words, and taking [what it feels like] everything out of context… Now, that’s one serious accusation. But before I spill the tea about the latter, let’s go over the notable features of his Worship Coach first.

As a mentorship platform, the highlight of Worship Coach are the hundreds of lessons. Both practical and spiritual training, it’s all there. He got vocal lessons, songwriting, music publishing, theology of worship, tabernacle of David [Rick’s a big fan], prophetic singers and musicians, strengthening your worship team, that kind of stuff.

If the hundreds of lessons weren’t enough for you, then you’ll like how Worship Coach updates their catalogue with at least one new class every month. And Rick isn’t your only online coach here, it varies every lesson. They could be Steffany Gretzinger, Jason Upton, Chandler Moore, among many others.

Besides getting access to hundreds of lessons, signing up for Worship Coach’s monthly subscription also includes access to a private Facebook group with all of Worship Coach’s team, and exclusive monthly live Q&A video call with Rick. The price of Rick’s Worship Coach? Well, the monthly subscription of Worship Coach costs $97.

Affordable price as long as you can go over the lessons in a fairly reasonable time. Otherwise, the subscription cost would definitely pile up to absurd amounts. Like, I won’t pay over a grand for one-year access to something I can actually get for free. The price you pay for convenience here is not really worth it IMHO.

Not to mention that I personally dislike the premise. Maximizing your potential as a confident worshipper? Sure, I can agree to that. Not being a copy of anyone else? Hell nah. It’s not that bad— heck, maybe it’s just a lost in translation moment— but it’s definitely not the whole point of worship.

Again, I don’t think being different matters here as long as you’re getting the job done of spreading the word, making disciples, and inspiring others. And I mean, you’re supposed to become Christ-like, right? I’ll tell ya, that’s definitely copying, albeit not just copying anyone but Him.

They don’t mention any divine punishment for copying a good role model, but can’t say the same when it’s about saying His name in vain. Y’all probably know it as it’s etched in the ten commandments. Now, why am I saying this? What’s the point?

Well, here’s where the serious accusation on Rick enters the fold. You see, Rick is caught in 4K [or maybe 360P, video’s old as heck] with something you could count as saying His name in vain. What is it, it’s him using Flo Rida’s song that’s arguably about strippers and receiving some good head as his “worship” song. Say what?

Worship Coach Review

Dude really sang “you spin me right round, jesus right round” while encouraging peeps to spin their sweaty socks in the air. My brother, if you’re such a fan of David, what he used to kill Goliath is a slingshot, not a damn sock. “Slay like David” muh ass, it’s more like “slay like Chernobyl” with all the stench.

Embarrassing how it’s all low effort and cringey too, dude seriously just insert Jesus in the lyrics and call it a day. And I’ll tell ya, this is not the only time he acted like a complete clown. That’s why I’m not letting this one particular issue slide even if it’s like eleven years ago.

Personally, I could see why people are calling him out as someone who’s making a mockery of the Christian faith. Best case scenario is he’s just misguided… trying so hard to be different that he’s missing the main point of worship which is, not really to enjoy the music performance and all the festivities, but to, well, worship Him and bask in His glory. Not my, ahem, Worship Coach!

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