Wysetrade Trading Masterclass Review

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Wysetrade is a company that sells various courses related to online moneymaking methods. Though compared to others, they only offer two courses so far: A YouTube course, and a stocks trading course. Interestingly, there’s no face behind Wysetrade. It means that they have no representative whatsoever who shows his/her face in their videos. Though in one YouTube video, someone introduces himself as “Rick’ and says that he’s a part of Wysetrade, but he doesn’t reveal anything more other than his name. Does this mean that Wysetrade is a scam? Not necessarily, but we’re about to find out. Read further for my Wysetrade Trading Masterclass review.

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Wysetrade Trading Masterclass is an online course that, as you can already tell, teaches students how they can get the most profits out of stock trading. Everything that they’ll say and show here is the usual stuff. Such as you’re going to get thousands of dollars in profit when you learn the trading strategies from this program, some screenshots of their earnings for proof, etc. Though the screenshots being shown here as proof have their names covered up. It may be due to privacy, but it does seem like they’re hiding something. Either way, it could’ve been better if they included more testimonials, maybe in the form of a video or not, so as to increase their transparency and credibility.

Anyways, as with other stock trading courses, Wysetrade teaches a specific strategy. It’s called “Price Action Trading”, and how it works is that the trader will read the market and make subjective trading decisions based on the recent and actual price movements. Basically, you’re going to analyze past movements of the security in question, and use those findings to determine if you’re going to buy, hold, or sell. Since price action trading relates to recent historical data and past price movements, all technical analysis tools like charts, trend lines, price bands, high and low swings, technical levels (of support, resistance, and consolidation), etc. are taken into account as per the trader’s choice and strategy fit.

The strategy is popular with day traders who prefer to have small, but continuous, profit gains instead of going for large gains, but may take some time to get that favorable value. Plus it’s not only applicable to the stock market. The strategy can be employed for others like cryptocurrency, forex, options, etc. Wysetrade claims that its price action trading strategies have been honed to perfection in a span of 10 years, and their accuracy has not faltered since then. This could probably be just a marketing ploy to encourage you to buy the course.

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The Wysetrade Trading Masterclass is also good for newcomers who have no idea how the trading market works. It also contains training videos that are designed to guide you to learn the stock trading market, and all of the terms that you need to know. It’s also suitable for advanced traders as it claims to contain “premium and engaging videos” that helps accelerate your trading learning and ability. Finally, the Wysetrade Trading Masterclass contains lessons that are not only ideal for day traders, but for swing traders as well. In short, whether you’re someone who is active and wants to see some gains as fast as possible, or you like to be more passive in your approach, Wysetrade Trading Masterclass has got you covered.

Wysetrade Trading Masterclass only costs around $297, but some people have reportedly bought the course at around $90 after fulfilling some conditions, mostly related to an email. Wysetrade has a fair number of both positive and negative feedback, with regards to the effectiveness of their lessons. But still, with its rather suspicious background and lack of transparency, I don’t think it’s worth it to pay for this course. Their YouTube channel has a huge amount of subscribers, however, so I think that they can be trusted somewhat. Still, it might be better off if you just stick to watching their YouTube videos, since according to others, they seem to provide training that is as good as the one on this course.

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