X2 Revenue Review (Adam Smith)

Adam Smith

Adam Smith is a salesperson turned copywriter that founded The X2 Entrepreneur. Here, he promises to reveal how to land big copywriting deals for that sweet *checks title* X2 Revenue. By X2 Revenue, he meant providing mentorship, so copywriters can grow their income to at least $10k a month. And he’ll assure that you’ll hit that figure within 90 days or you get your money back. More info about this is in my review below.

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I must admit, my eyebrows immediately raised after Adam’s claim of that X2 Revenue. It’s not only the $10k figure, but also the experience requirement which is little to none. For someone claiming to be a brilliant copywriter, starting your pitch with some ridiculous yet very cliché promise is just lazy and uninspired work.

Even his life story, it seems like everything is pulled outta usual guru script. And when I say everything, I mean all ‘em unrelated narratives mixed into one convoluted mess. His tone is like a wild roller coaster ride too. One moment he seems calm and thoughtful, then a few sentences later, he’s mad and edgy. He and his copy are all over the place and not in a good way.

And BTW, dude probably thought that he ate by including other well-known gurus in his story. Hate to break it to ya Adam, but you did NOT ate at all. It just feels… forced. Besides, I’m not really a fan of that one guy he namedrops, Tony Robbins. Of all the guys you can feature, you chose him, the one who won’t give out refunds to Aussies who unfortunately purchased a canceled program of his? Lots of sh*t I can say about this cray cray, but that’s for a whole ‘nother review.

Speaking of refunds, I’ve found out that Adam’s 90-day money back guarantee is just all talk. At first, I was like, wait a damn minute, where the hell did the deets of this guarantee go? Checking out the terms on The X2 Entrepreneurs’s site and seeing none about it got me reaaaal curious.

Turns out, this guarantee is just a verbal agreement (literally all talk) where he can easily back off. And back off, he did. How many times? At least once. I can attest to this, thanks to that one ex-student of his who posted a complaint regarding the guarantee on BBB. Without any paper trail involved, this setup could be f*cking worse than a misleading fine print.

So, if you’re out here thinking that this thang would be risk free because of the guarantee, then think again. Don’t trust ‘em words when it’s not inked. What they say, better safe than sorry. Like seriously, you’ll be more than sorry with the amount of money you’ll be paying for this. Specifically, The X2 Entrepreneur’s offer for you to get X2 Revenue costs $5,800. Yup, that hella pricey.

X2 Revenue Review

Obviously, I won’t be recommending any of Adam’s paid programs. And yes, the reason I said paid is him having a free masterclass at Skool. If you’re not the type of person who’s completely firm on not buying any upsells, then his free masterclass might be worth checking out. Although, let’s be honest, are you really sure that you won’t bulge after, what, lots of sales talk from him and his team? If you have doubts on ya control, even for just a teeny weeny bit, then just forget about this thang completely, um-kay?

If you don’t have any doubts and are intrigued by his so-called copy consulting, then I suggest proceeding with caution. Won’t blame you for being curious here, though. He also got my attention by saying, “Yes you can forget about blog writing, content writing, article writing, grant writing OR writing case studies, ad copy, landing page copy, email copy, sales page copy, web copy, etc.” 

He apparently got something different, a biz where you can find and land clients that pay handsomely for high-converting copy you’ll be making for them. To him, it’s as simple as one, two, three. One, identify your high paying niche; two, get your first trial client; and three, create a waiting list. Essentially, copy his process where he simplified it into one audience, one deliverable, and one price point. Ya think this is worth spending your ten hours with? Your call.

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