30 Day Course Creator Review (Paul Xavier)

Paul Xavier

Paul Xavier, together with Anthony Gallo, believes that they can teach you how to create, launch, and scale six, even seven figure courses in just thirty days. They say they’re able to do this three times in 2020 alone, so you can trust that their system, taught in the course aptly named as 30 Day Course Creator, would work very well. For that statement alone , I already have two objections in my mind. Too bad, right? I’ll continue the discussion below.

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Now, here’s my two objections. One, we’re not some marketing guru like ‘em and definitely not a student of the infamous Sam Ovens like Paul does, so their success with their own system doesn’t mean it’d work out for us as well. Get that sweeping generalization outta here. What they say, not on my watch.

Two, we’re almost over 2022, and yet you two are still talking about the year ‘20? Even worse, y’all actually using it as a reference. How about no? A lot has already changed during that period, and it’s all drastic too due to the killah COVID-19 virus. I guess it’s time to move on from the past, stop messing up with the nostalgia, or at least update your pitch.

Maybe it’s also time for me to stop dwelling on one BS statement alone. They got more of it anyway, so no need to nitpick at all. And no, I’m not saying that they’re completely bad as I know people who find value on their cheaper courses. I’ll also say it myself that the pitch where I pull their BS statement earlier is more than decent production-wise, so there’s that. Basically, they’re a hit or miss.

Before anything else, let me get over what they say about their 30 Day Course Creator first. In the program’s website, they list down the things you’ll learn within the program. There are five of them and here’s the first three: How to identify opportunities and come up with your course idea; how to differentiate your course from competition and dominate any market; and how to market your course with both organic means and paid ads (e.g. Facebook ads, YouTube ads).

The rest  that  you’ll learn in 30 Day Course Creator as said by the creators of it themselves are as follows: how to write the script, shoot, edit, and host your course in just a span of days; and how to scale your profits, automate processes, and create raving fans. In summary, the curriculum is nothing unusual for a typical course creation course.

You’ll learn all that I listed above through thirty days worth of video tutorials. In addition, you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group, The Complete 30 Day Checklist, 14 Day Filmmaker, and discounts to Adobe Creative Cloud Software. No mention of weekly calls or one-on-one support since they only offer it as pricier upsells once you’re on the other side.

30 Day Course Creator Review

Now that I mention something is pricier, what’s the price of their 30 Day Course Creator, then? Well, 30 Day Course Creator cost a one time payment of $698 or two monthly payments of $375 each. Reasonable pricing for the said course, but I can’t say the same for the upsells. For instance, I’ve heard that their one-on-one support would cost you north of $5k. That one, that’s too pricey IMHO.

Too damn pricey for someone who got caught with their BS… well, with Paul’s BS rather. He mentioned attending a film school during the launch of his first website. Even added how he eventually ran a six figure commercial video company. Both are BS, and he even said it himself that he’s no pro video producer. I mean, him admitting it or not, you’ll still know he’s capping anyway for how sh*tty his earlier productions were.

The videos are better now with the addition of Anthony to the team. But that won’t change the fact that he still lied. He scraped the BS from his website since then, but I’ll say it again, he still lied. Hard to give him the benefit of the doubt when he’s the student of Sam Ovens, a guy who’s notorious for bullsh*tting to sell his overpriced courses. Is this “like father, like son” typa sh*t but replace father and son with mentor and mentee? I’ll let you be the judge.

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