X-Factor Method Review (Melvin Soh, Josiah Tan)

Melvin Soh and Josiah Tan

Melvin Soh, together with his business partner Josiah Tan, created X-Factor Marketing due to an unexpected phone call in 2018. From the call, he was informed that his mentor had a heart attack and will be unable to continue the seminars in Asia that Melvin promoted himself. Wanting to continue his mentor’s legacy, he and Josiah launched their own series of seminars that focus on teaching the X-Factor method. This X-Factor method, according to Melvin, is “the same formula that the top brands in the world and famous Hollywood celebrities routinely use to shoot to the very top of the industries.”

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X-Factor Marketing is a program focused on teaching the X-Factor method via providing high-impact workshops, private consulting, and online library of digital products.  Meanwhile, X-Factor method is marketed to be a formula used by successful businesses and personalities to build a reputable social presence and make the income that they want. The said method, according to Josiah, is proven since they used it to make millions. “X-Factor Method exists to uplift the business community by providing transformational solutions for entrepreneurs, helping them to better their lives, level up their marketing, and expand their business,” Melvin claims.

The pitch starts as a free webinar but there is no information on the site on their supposedly flagship 3-day workshop modelled after the seminar of Melvin’s mentor Marshall Thurber. The price of their digital resources is not listed either.

What is listed, however, is a brief biography of Melvin Soh’s life. He revealed his story that led him to being a college dropout – implying he is doing well in his academics since he is getting excellent grades but had no interest in the conventional path of achieving success. He also shared his failed ventures in the past, from an internet biz with a friend in 2009 to an online dating product for Asian dudes. Every business he had never performed well until he attended Marshall Thurber’s event called The Future of Business in Melbourne. Marshall become his mentor after he paid him, claiming such investment was reasonable and that it will be unfair to Marshall if he did not demand a payment for mentorship.  From applying what Marshall taught, he claimed to turn a few hundred dollars biz to a few thousands’ dollar a month. He enhanced his mentor’s method by adding his own knowledge to what now he calls the X-Factor Method.

X-Factor Method Review

From the biography, Melvin seems to be a humble and relatable person. However, the fact that this is only the major information on their site is very off-putting. He is very transparent to his personal life, but the opposite can be said on his X-Factor method program. No mention of their pricing scheme whatsoever but it is allegedly around $1000-$1500 for the workshops. The site is also very confusing to navigate, only filled with unverifiable testimonials, and in general looks like something made by a html newbie. Worst, a well-written review in Trustpilot claims that there is an upsell for their Inner Circle 1-to-1 Coaching and that the primary motivation for her to leave a review is a $10 Grab voucher offered by Melvin himself. She even added that she hopes of still qualifying for the said freebie received by others who only said the pros of the program.

Ironically, it also seems that Melvin cannot apply what he preaches due to his unimpressive social media presence. His YouTube Channel founded in January 2017 is still at 353 subscribers and 252, 269 views. Worst, more than half of his views comes from the paid promotional video of the program. His Instagram numbers are better at 10.6k followers but there’s a noticeable discrepancy between the followers count and the average likes in his post which seems to be less than a hundred. To be fair, the number of likes is not the end all be all measure of social media success, but the low numbers is still pathetic for a self-proclaimed marketing guru like Melvin.

To conclude, it is recommended to find better marketing programs in terms of transparency and track record than the X-Factor Method. It is very concerning that a company claiming to be making millions of dollars cannot afford to build a decent website. Other red flags such as hidden upsells and Melvin’s failure to build a decent social media following solidifies the conclusion that this program is not worthy of your time and money.

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