Xyngular Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Xyngular is a company that sells weight loss and body health supplements. Weight loss is a problem that has been in society by people of all ages but especially teenagers who want their bodies to stay slim, sexy and alluring to all the outlookers. Most people that have this problem tend to trust in the power of supplements while doing less work themselves. Scroll down for my Xyngular review.

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I’ve found out that it has been around in the industry since 2009. Marc Walker, the President of Xyngular believes that there are 3 components for an ideal networking company. (1)The company needs outstanding products to give remarkable benefits, (2)must have a compensation plan for those who start as distributors without worrying quotas and stuff, and (3)lastly it must be well-runned and financially conservative so that the people who enter will have time for their families. Sounds familiar, right?

He is also known for leading 2 other successful MLMs – Nuskin and Xango. With experiences and said beliefs backing him up, you might wanna believe that he can do it the third time with Xyngular. And anyone who’s in need of fast cash might get hooked up in this kind of setup since it’s a known fact that Marc Walker is a successful leader.

There are two types of annual plans for joining Xyngular. First is the Member annual plan that costs $14.95 which allows you to purchase products at wholesale prices and then earn rewards. Then there’s the Distributor annual plan that costs $49.95, same with the member annual plan only with the additional perk of having the potential to earn commissions.

Now we’re gonna talk about Xyngular Global Compensation Plan. The first thing is for you to do retail sales. You will buy their products at a wholesale price for you to sell it on your own at retail price. There is this product called the 8-day ignite kit, a kit to jumpstart your weight loss journey and it costs $325 for members/distributors and $390 at retail price. Can you imagine that? a glittering $65 profit right off the bat. But how many kits should you buy for the wholesale price to kick in? Can you manage to sell all of them?

There are also corporate sales pools, which allows qualifying distributors to share in the product sales of the entire company. 3 ranks (Manager, Director and Executive) with 4 distinctions (normal, silver, gold and platinum) will each get 1% of global Xyngular Volume sales and the highest rank called Ambassador will get 12% of global Xyngular Volume sales. And lastly, the leadership bonuses which only apply from executives down to ambassadors. All these may be pleasant to the ears to hear not until you see what are the required sales for you to attain such ranks.

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Their 2020 Xyngular Income Summary is really mind boggling. It states that 84% of Xyngular members are only product consumers and 16% of all Xyngular members are distributors who are interested in building a business. And out of these 16% distributors, roughly 70% of them did not receive income. So it is likely to say that the majority of the distributors didn’t profit from joining Xyngular. So should you join Xyngular? You might wanna think twice before entering this kind of “business”.

With all the numbers shown above, I can say with confidence that Xyngular is not a scam. It’s just hard to make money out of it. They assure you stability and growth. They make you subscribe to their plan. Make y’all sell their products. Or if not, make y’all refer other people to the company who will make them sell their products, and the cycle continues. As seen in the compensation plan, distributors have a percentage on their recruit’s sales. You may be the first, but how about those people under you? The ones that you convinced that they will have a better life by signing up? Stats ain’t lying.

An 8-day jumpstart kit that costs $325? I know that you know that there is a better way of using that much money and you can actually save some, like hiring a professional diet instructor. Yes, I know supplements do work that is why they are in the market, but I think a healthy lifestyle starts from within. You of all people know what is good or bad for your body. And if not? Consult first to a professional. We have things that we call proper eating habits and lifestyles.

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