7 Figure Multifamily Academy Review (Jason & Pili Yarusi)

Jason & Pili Yarusi

Jason & Pili Yarusi create 7 Figure Multifamily Academy as a way to share their expertise from handling massive multifamily assets (around 1,500 units and counting) in Yarusi Holdings. The couple says that they’re here to give real estate investors a proven roadmap to success. With this, the fear and uncertainty that’s holding most people back in doing multifamily investment is mitigated. I’ll add money to that too, but the couple act as if the average peeps don’t exist.

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Seriously, I don’t mind an additional sentence or two if it means that the couple is more inclusive of everyone’s capacity. Saying that not everyone is doing multifamily investment because they don’t have the time to figure out how to do it well, and only that is not enough. How ’bout the kaching involved?

Forget about the dead broke. Not considering ‘em here is just fine as real estate is understandably NOT for those who are struggling to put food on the table. I’m all about the people with decent income, yet still can’t afford to have their very own single family unit, let alone buy an apartment.

But hey, they say that all you need is just a couple multifamily properties to collect enough passive income to quit your job and retire (a nod to average peeps), put your kids through college, start a charitable foundation, and basically whatever the hell you want. ANYONE can make money with it, they mention…

‘Xcuse me, y’all really think that having deep pockets to pay the freakin’ expensive price of getting these properties is the norm? And not just getting one BTW, a couple of them too? How out of touch can these two be? If not that, can y’all at least write a better copy? They could’ve mentioned OPM, loans, sugar daddy’s gift money, or anything regarding the funding part at least, y’know.

Enough of my rant, I think it’s clear enough how multifamily property investment is not really for anyone like the couple say. But there could be someone, maybe even you reading this review right now, who can make use of the couple’s program. So, without further ado, let’s take a look now at what their 7 Figure Multifamily Academy has to offer.

From its name, 7 Figure Multifamily Academy is a do it at your own pace training that details how to launch and grow a multifamily investing business. With over sixty lessons, they assure that the step-by-step system in the course will be able to take you from a beginner to a confident investor.

The video courses included here are titled as follows: Mindset Foundations, Multifamily Fundamentals, Building Your Team, Finding The Deal, Analyzing The Deal, Deal Analyzer Tool & Training,  Closing The Deal, and Running The Deal. There are also bonus materials like Hall Of Fame Deal Stories, and a free ticket to Multifamily live.

The price of 7 Figure Multifamily Academy? Well, 7 Figure Multifamily Academy costs $97 a month. Yup, it’s using a subscription-based model. They even say that “it’s like Netflix for multifamily real estate investors.” Also, it comes with a money back guarantee for the first thirty days, no questions asked.

First of all, I gotta commend how they made this very affordable. If you can plow through the materials relatively quickly, and you can’t be bothered organizing free alternatives, then it’s a decent start in learning multifamily investment. Just don’t expect any hand holding here, of course. Nothing to see here but video courses.

7 Figure Multifamily Academy Review

Jason & Pili do offer something with lots of hand holding in 7 Figure Multifamily Mastermind Group. Besides the additional video courses, you’ll also get twelve months of unlimited deal reviews, 2 property walkthrough events, weekly accountability sessions, ten deep dive coaching calls, and access to discounts, tools, and documents.

The Mastermind Group is jam packed with lots of content fosho, but I still find it too pricey at $20k a year. Like, you could’ve just used that money in actually buying multifamily properties rather than learning how to. I think that’s a better way to spend your Gs. Afterall, ya gotta pull the trigger eventually.

Ultimately, I’ll suggest not to start any multifamily investments right now. Besides not being a fan of the business model, the real estate market ain’t looking hot right now. Property prices are too high, layoffs by real estate companies are so many, and property buyers are a lot less. Sounds like a recession waiting to happen, and you better don’t get caught with your pants down.

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