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YFN Lucci Net Worth

The thing about music is that it’s very easy to get into a certain genre of it. You will likely found the type of sound that you enjoy just but letting your streaming service give you suggestions. Most of us have probably grown up in the household that listens to a lot music, often on the radio. That’s how our tastes in music are often molded. That’s why you often feel nostalgic towards a certain sound or a certain song. You have attached memories into that song.

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I guess that’s why I have mainly stuck with very upbeat sounds that you often hear in pop songs. There are probably a lot of upbeat songs in other genres. But what can I say? I’m a basic bitch. If you have been on this website enough times, you’d probably know that I don’t often listen to a lot of other songs in other genres. Like I said, we often stick to a certain that we like. Not that the works in other genres are bad, it’s just that it doesn’t match your established taste.

I haven’t really gotten into rap and hip-hop all that much. It’s often very hard for me to find that song that would get me hooked to it. I have listened to a lot of rap and hip-hop whenever I listen to the radio, which happens a lot more than you’d realize. But for the most part, the artists that get played where I’m from are those that have reach a larger audience. I think the overseas counterparts of major labels in the United States often have a hard time trying to promote their entire lineup of artists to other countries. That’s there’s only a bunch of rapper that become well-known globally.

YFN Lucci, or Rayshawn Lamar Bennett, grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. There isn’t any information I could get about his family except that he has an older brother who is also a rapper who goes by his stage name YFN KAY. I guess YFN runs in the family. Lucci grew up listening to some of the homegrown rappers in Atlanta like T.I. and Jeezy. You don’t get to see people mention artists that grew up in the town as them that often. So it’s great that he is partial to the rappers who were raised in Atlanta.

Lucci only discovered his talent in music when he was 16. A lot of the younger rappers that I have seen do tend to start making music around that age. Somehow, he managed to get recruit by rapper Jonny Cinco in 2014 to do some guest spots on his mixtapes. You don’t often see people hit the ground running in just a year. Shortly after, he got signed to Think It’s A Game. A few months after that, he released his debut mixtape, “Wish Me Well”.

It took him two years before he made a sequel to his mixtape which featured Migos and Jonny Cinco. The mixtape manage to make it to the Billboard 200 chart. One of the songs in it “Key to the Streets” which feature Migos and Trouble made it to number 70 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song also made it to a few Best Of lists that year. A year after that, released his debut EP “Long Live Nut.” The EP debuted at number 27 on the Billboard 200. And the lead single from it made it to the 33rd spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

There isn’t really much else to Lucci’s other release. Or at least those are his major achievements in his career as a rapper. In 2018, he released his first studio album “Ray Ray From Summerhill.” Still, he has managed to earn a net worth of about $4,000,00 in the eight years he has been in the music industry.

It doesn’t seem like he’s been releasing any new music recently. He hasn’t really been active all that much on his social media accounts either. Though I guess that happens a lot. Sometimes you just have to take a bit of a break every now and then. It’s great to be able to rest because I feel like writing and performing songs can be tiring.

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