YFS Academy Review (Dominique Brown)

Dominique Brown

Dominique Brown expresses his trust with his Your Finance Simplified (YFS) Academy course in transforming people’s lives to be on their own terms. “I am not kidding when I say that this Academy changes lives,” Dominique concludes confidently after explaining how his program can help people improve their credit score, start a profitable business, acquire meaningful investments, and gain financial freedom in general. Too good to be true? Read this YFS Academy review to learn more.

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As written on their website, YFS Academy is a do-it-yourself financial academy course that teaches how to reach your financial goals step-by-step. It was founded by Dominique Brown, a licensed financial advisor and writer of Amazon’s best seller book titled “How To Fix Your Credit.” With the tagline of “helping you reach your goals one class at a time,” the site mentioned that YFS Academy is for the person who wants to buy a home or investment property, invest in the stock market, save more money, improve their credit score, start a business, and in general, want to live life on their own terms.

The video lessons in the course are titled according to their main subject/theme. The name of the lessons are as follows: The How To Fix Your Credit, The How To Dominate Business Credit, The How to Invest In The Stock Market, How To Buy A Home The Smart Way, How To Buy A Car The Smart Way, How To Create The Perfect Budget, How To Get A Pay Raise, How To Set Goals You Can Achieve, and The 52 Week Savings Challenge.

Aside from the video lessons, signing up for YFS Academy grants you access to the exclusive Mastermind community and live question and answer sessions. There are also fast action bonus materials included namely Multi-Million Dollar Generation Wealth Building Plan, The Fastest Way To Pay Off Debt, and The 10 Financial Commandments For Financial Success. All these video lessons and other similar resources for a subscription fee of either $24.99 monthly, $149.99 every 6 months, or $249.99 yearly. You can also opt to pay $497.99 once for an unlimited lifetime access to the course.

YFS Academy Review

To be fair, YFS Academy cost is not as ludicrous as other online educational courses I have reviewed before. It is also received well by its students with reviews commending the effectiveness of the course in increasing their credit score as well as giving props to how responsive Dominique is to their questions. However, the lessons included in the course are very basic in nature and does not particularly create a cohesive whole. What if you only want guidance on buying your dream car but not interested in stock market at all? How about only wanting to learn about credit repair? It is recommended to explore free of charge options first unless you are interested in all or at least majority of lessons included in YFS Academy.

For those who want to start a business and searching for a helpful course, it is recommended to skip YFS Academy and choose something that focuses solely on a particular business model like dropshipping, real estate, and lending. These specialized courses are usually more comprehensive and in-depth than a generic financial course like Dominique’s.

For those who have serious trouble in credit score, it is also advisable to consult a financial advisor rather than joining YFS Academy. It is because financial advisors can provide more accurate financial advice tailored for your specific habits and needs.

YFS Academy is a legitimate financial training course.  They do provide useful resources on credit repair, budgeting, and managing savings to increase your financial literacy. Dominique Brown, being the CEO of S&D Capital Holdings LLC that helped thousands of clients with financial planning, is a credible financial advisor as well. Him providing free educational videos on YouTube also shows his genuine passion of helping people regarding finance.

However, gaining financial freedom (in contrast to financial literacy) through the course alone is not a guarantee. To start, it is too broad of a course to be considered as an effective guide for starting a business. It is also more advisable to consult a financial advisor that can consider your unique habits and needs in its financial advice.

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