Youngevity Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Have you seen a mall where all stores are owned by a sole company? Youngevity can actually make it happen. With a whopping number of 15 different product categories, 90 different brands and over 2,000 products, they can build a mall themselves to cater all customers in every area. They’ve been acquiring new companies, big or small, since they’ve been founded, hence giving people a wide range of products to choose from.

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Youngevity was founded by Dr. Joel D. Wallach and Ma Lan in 1997. Dr. Wallach has a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine before he earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 1982. So before dealing with people, he was dealing with animals back then and he had an encounter that gave a huge impact on what he’s doing now. After he investigated the death of a baby monkey, he found out that it suffered from Cystic Fibrosis, a known genetic disease only found in humans.

His research showed that nutrient deficient diet, not just genetics was the cause of the monkey’s disease and untimely death which led to the belief that nutrition and environmental changes can influence our health and longevity, which now has been coined as epigenetics. Since then, his life-long mission became clear, to spread the message that having nutrition and healthy choices can help an individual live longer while looking young at the same time.

With extensive research, Dr. Wallach found that there are 90 essential nutrients our body needs for optimal health, but most of these nutrients can’t be digested in our system, hence they’re loss. He formulated “90 for Life” that contains 90 Essentials in their products, plant-based and naturally have negative charges which help in digestion. This became the core product of Youngevity along with 2,000 more products.

He’s also a pioneer of selenium research for over 40 years. Selenium is an essential mineral that assists the body manufacture antioxidants to enhance our immune system. They’ve achieved FDA qualified health claims on their selenium and omega-3 essential fatty acids for the risk reduction of cancer and heart diseases. It’s a rare achievement for MLM companies which put them ahead of other competitors. Organizing this successful company is now in the hands of his son, Steve Wallach, the CEO.

It only costs $30 to join and become an affiliate member and an annual renewal fee of $49.95 but to be able to earn more commissions and bonuses the company has to offer, which everyone wants of course, you need to buy the CEO pack that costs $499. It includes a bundle of Youngevity products, free autoship delivery fee of orders over $99, access to invaluable training resources, personal store URL, and tools to monitor and manage your business. 

To start off with commissions, we have the retail commission that earns you up to 30% of the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. Affiliates can also earn commissions when customers use their personal store URL when buying a product. This way, you don’t need to stock up inventory of the products in order to sell, but it is still up to you. It’s how you devise your marketing plan in order to earn.

And of course, the commission that will never leave the list, recruitment-based commissions. Affiliates earn a $100 commission for each newly recruited affiliates that will avail the CEO pack. The availability of this commission is infinite. Whether your newly recruited affiliate buys the pack instantly or at a later date, you will still get that $100 so you don’t need to force people to pay a good amount of $499 on the get go just for you to earn this type of commission.

There are a total of 9 affiliate ranks in the company. Their residual commission is based on a unilevel structure. Affiliates in a unilevel team earn a percentage of the total sales volume generated by the team corresponding to their rank. They also offer bonuses such as quick start bonus which can earn you up to 30% for each product purchased by your newly recruited affiliate in their first 30 days, coding and car bonus for high ranking affiliates to avail.

Overall, Youngevity is not a scam. They’re a legit company that has over 2,000 products for you to sell and earn commission from but the market is already saturated with health and wellness products so you might find it difficult to make sales. And the prices are way more expensive than your local products that can be bought in any convenience stores.

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