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YouTube Accelerator Review (Morrison Brothers)

Morrison Brothers

The Morrison brothers, Anthony and Adrian, don’t have the best reputation when it comes to providing courses. A lot of people have pointed out that what they offer is usually self-serving and only meant to fill their pockets without you getting anything valuable in return. Is their YouTube Accelerator in YouTube Business Building Masterclass any different? Is this the Morrison Brothers redemption arc where they’ll provide a quality course for YOU once and for all? Spoiler alert, I don’t think so. Onto the review!

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So, what’s the fuzz with this YouTube Accelerator thing? According to Anthony, it’s all about making bank with, suprise surprise, YouTube. The difference here is that you don’t need big numbers in terms of subscribers to succeed, he says. No need to be an expert too as he, Anthony, points to himself and implies that you can do it as well. “My channel isn’t even in the top one million in views,” and yet he’s earning around six grand and a half per 10-minute video. Yeah, right….

I’ll call this BS early. Like dude, the reason you did it, if it’s even true, is because you’re motherfrickin’ Anthony Morrison. You’re the infamous internet marketer that sold thousands of sh*tty courses just because you’re a persuasion king. And I had to admit, he’s so damn good at selling. Quite the opposite on providing actual quality content, though. He’s such a hot garbage that even the home of sh*tty courses in Clickbank banned him. OOF.

Anyway, he’ll continue with the heart-tugging part of his spiel. Clutching his necklace with a “self-made” bling on it, he’ll try to entice you to buy the YouTube Accelerator to become what the bling says. Be self-made and be the one in control of your life.

Quite frankly, the self-made narrative just signals the self-serving part that’ll benefit Anthony and Adrian, not you. Instead of earning from Google Ads and YouTube’s own monetization scheme, you’ll be instead redirected to promoting one of the Morrison Publishing’s (LLC of the Morrison Brothers) upsell-infested program called Partner With Anthony.

It’s just a fresh take on affiliate marketing that’ll funnel all the dough to the brothers. Essentially, the YouTube Accelerator is something you’ll buy to learn how Anthony wants you to promote their program. In a nutshell, what you’re supposed to do is follow the program’s six-step formula to success and traffic. 

The first three steps that are listed in order are as follows: choose your niche (aka copy Anthony and promote his program), choose how many videos you will post weekly (aka overwork yourself and cough up videos daily because it’s promotional content for Anthony), and use my video framework (aka using the so-called winning script you can repeat over and over).

The rest of the steps are as follows: implement conversion formula (aka putting the affiliate link in the description and pinned comment), implement traffic booster formula (aka do the annoying “like, subscribe, and turn on the notification bell” skit to appease the YouTube algorithm), and introduce the profit generator (aka focusing on earning with affiliate links that’ll help fill the Morrison brothers’ pockets).

If you’re crazy good at this YouTube promotion thing, then congrats to the Morrison brothers for having a talented affiliate marketer that’ll sell their programs. If not, the bros keep on taking Ws as they’ll keep your grand anyway for purchasing the course. No refunds, whatsoever. Any promotional content, good or bad, is still publicity and free traffic for them too.

YouTube Accelerator Review

To specify, it’ll cost you around $998.50 to get the said YouTube Accelerator plus some fast action bonuses. It could cost you $1,997 too if you ever forgot to input the “ym50” discount code on the checkout page. Of course, the bonuses being “fast action” is just another BS from mister full of sh*t Anthony. And oh, it’s also a ploy to make you buy without thinking too much.

My final verdict is quite obvious here – I don’t recommend buying this YouTube Accelerator course. And most definitely, don’t buy any courses from the Morrison brothers at all. You’ll likely end up losing thousands of dollars for nothing. Not unless you call an expensive lesson to not buy anything from the Morrison brothers something, I guess.

Aside from all the bad things I mentioned earlier, their customer service is beyond abysmal as well. Rude, threatening, and too nosy in terms of your financial capacity. Seems like they take the degradation kink too far in believing that they can bully you into buying courses of their boss like this YouTube Accelerator.

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