YTA Investing Method Review (Caleb Maddix)

Caleb Maddix

Caleb Maddix opens up YTA Investing Method’s introductory video with a question. Here, he says “how would you like for YouTube to write your next paycheck?” And no, you don’t need to be a typical “YouTuber” to profit off the platform. You don’t even need to edit a single video yourself nor be good with technology at all. Wait a minute, did I hear something similar to this promise before? *cough* Matt Par *cough* ‘Nyway, onto the review!

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If you’ve ever read my review about Matt Par, you know damn well that there’s something real fishy about you when you get those comparisons. But, oh boy, Caleb might be actually worse. Unlike Matt who, at least, had a pretty sizable amount of subscribers on his YouTube channel, Caleb has none of that to show. Unless you count his pathetic and already abandoned YouTube channel that he has when he’s literally a child. And that’s not really aligned with his promise of earning paychecks from YouTube without doing “YouTuber” stuff. In fact, he’s using the usual vlogging style taken out of a classic YouTuber’s playbook. This is probably the reason he called YouTube a “kid’s game” when you’re not using his method. Pfft.

So, how can he show you the new way to earn a major bag with YouTube on autopilot, then? This is where his good ‘ol friend Devon enters the fold. According to Caleb, his friend right here has dozens of YouTube channels with one raking almost half a million dollars in monetization money by implementing the YTA (YouTube Automation) Investing method. He also mentions that his friend has over two thousand streams of income and counting, whatever that means. But before showing Devon, he tries to somehow deflect the criticism on his pathetic subscribers count I mentioned earlier by asserting that his YTA method makes subscribers count irrelevant. Yeah… no, you can’t really do that.

Anyway, let’s talk about what’s the real deal with his friend Devon? Well, Devon, who Caleb purposely introduced with his first name only, just shows screenshots as the “receipt” of using YTA method. The surname censorship, along with not dropping any links to the “successful” YouTube channels using YTA method, is for us to not validate the BS they’re likely peddling. And of course, for Caleb to monetize the “secret sauce” behind his YTA Investing Method course that costs $997.

Turns out, his YTA method mainly consists of two things. One, in general, is hiring Fiverr freelancers for dirt cheap to do videos for you. Funny enough, paying piss poor wages really showed up in one of Caleb’s webinars as the one he hired to edit the said webinar is not really motivated to blur properly. Y’know, the more reasons to pay right as the editing f*ck-up made him accidentally reveal a secret that is supposedly on the other side of his course. And that’s number two, making videos out of popular and highly-upvoted Reddit threads through an automated text-to-speech engine.

YTA Investing Method Review

Debunking number one is easy. I’m a firm believer that any biz that uses unethical ways to earn money, just like this one, is no bueno for me. Pay appropriate wages instead of haggling for lower figures, period. I’m also not down to polluting the YouTube space with some more trash videos. Obviously, a sh*tty payment results to equally sh*tty video. As simple as garbage in, garbage out.

The second one is just the very lazy variant of the first thing. And a specific version of his Other’s People Content (OPC) hack where you copy (or lowkey steal) what’s gone viral already. Here, you’re literally making an a.i. read aloud a Reddit thread without any additional reactions or input to it, whatsoever, and call it a day. And doing the bare minimum while using someone else’s content isn’t even the worst here, it’s the YouTube update that was implemented a couple years ago that tracks down this kind of repetitive and uninspired videos. In short, you’ll have a hard time earning from this, let alone getting a major bag. 

I’ve even found Devon’s channel and guess what, he’s in deep trouble for putting out lazy ass content based on YTA method. He’s even close to getting demonetized completely aka not earning anything from YouTube, not a single cent even, forever if he keeps f*cking up because of content violations. With that being said, I wouldn’t recommend Caleb Maddox’s YTA Investing Method. Definitely not worth paying a thousand bucks to pay for such a sh*tty advice.

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