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Is YouTube Automation Legit?

There have been a lot of people who have found success and profits by making videos on YouTube. It seems like anybody with a decent phone camera can start making videos that thousands of people can watch. I have seen a lot ordinary people earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of ad revenue mainly because they have cultivated a fanbase for their videos. Sometimes, though, there are people who don’t want to show their face in their videos but still want to earn those kinds of amounts. That’s where YouTube automation comes in.

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YouTube automation basically refers to a way of earning money on YouTube without having to show your face. Normally, the content creators you see on YouTube will show themselves on camera. Depending on the kind of content that you watch on the platform, the things that they do may vary. That’s why there was a boom in gaming content on YouTube a few years ago. People like to watch other people react to the game that they’re playing. That’s why reaction videos were also popular on the platform before.

With YouTube automation, you’re still doing a lot of the work that it takes to create a video. But you’re not showing your face in any of the videos or even the thumbnails. People will only be hearing your voice. It’s kind of weird that they’re using the word “automation” to describe this method where there is actually a lot of effort involved in making it happen.

The way that you can earn money from YouTube automation is by trying fill a certain niche that people are looking for. In one of the videos that I have seen that talked about YouTube automation, the four main niches that are popular are technology, finance, crypto and entertainment. You’re basically playing with search engine optimization to get ranked high within the search results for a certain topic.

Think of it this way. People are searching for how to delete a photo on Instagram. If you’re somebody who isn’t as technologically capable, it may be hard to do that sort of thing. So when somebody searches for “how to delete a photo on instagram” on the search bar, you will get a lot of video tutorials about it. The goal is to get people to click on the thumbnail and watch the video. It’s as simple as that. That’s what’s referred to as a click-through rate. And that basically helps your video get ranked higher when they search for a video about that topic.

The goal is really just to get as many people as you can to watch your videos. It helps if you get a certain number of subscribers because that will help you get into YouTube’s partner program more easily. The partner program is how you get to monetize your videos and earn ad revenue from it. It’s a pretty standard thing to be aware of if you’re planning to make your YouTube channel profitable.

Aside from ad revenue, you can earn money from different income streams. A lot of people link their websites through annotations, the description box and even the end cards. If you have gained enough of a subscriber base, this will help you earn additional money aside from the ad revenue that you earn from the views on your videos.

Creating and maintaining a YouTube channel is a lot of hard work even if you don’t need to show your face onscreen. That’s why the term “YouTube automation” feels off to me. Sure, there are programs that will lessen your time thinking about thumbnails or whatnot. But you do still have to keep track of all of the metrics. You have to research for a topic even though it will only for a minute-long video. Creating anything should be given some thought at least. Even though you’re doing it for easy clicks and views, at least make it presentable.

It seems that there are people who have earned hundreds of thousands of ad revenue from YouTube automation. So it’s a good way to earn money by gaming the system. I mean, a lot of people seem to go YouTube to earn money nowadays, so what’s a few more channels on the platform? My only tip is to put some effort into the videos that you make even though there are ways for you to do that with minimal effort.

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