The Zab Twins Review (Arek & Brian Zabierek)

Arek & Brian Zabierek

Arek Zabierek of The Zab Twins mentions how he and his twin Brian are two young entrepreneurs with a mission. What’s the mission? It’s to inspire others, especially the next generation, that it’s possible to thrive in the entrepreneurial world at a young age. Y’know, just like them. Now, the reason why they’re able to call themselves young hustlers turned self-employed entrepreneurs is because of Amazon FBA.

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Specifically, Arek claims that he and his twin are the founders of three private label stores in Amazon. Not just any store, but winning ones that are able to accumulate over a million dollars in revenue. They’re very proud of it, yet they won’t share the sauce for us to see the stores ourselves. Of course, they won’t.

They’re still willing to share their expertise, just through a paid course. They’ll reveal it all, even the business lessons they learned from helping over hundreds of people start and scale their very own e-commerce biz. “We’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly – so you don’t have to,” says them.

So, what’s this paid course, then? Well, it’s what they call The FBA Startup. They describe it as a step-by-step program to help you build a scalable, six-figure Amazon FBA business from the ground up. They also highlight how their program will help you rank your products on Amazon’s top search results.

Unlike typical Amazon FBA gurus, The Zab Twins admitted that Amazon has a very competitive market. But that doesn’t matter since they’ll help you compete in such. Likewise, they’ll guide you on how to deal with the psychological pressure that comes with the intense competition and ugly, or in their own words, “less glamorous” parts of the biz.

That being said, here’s the five main facets of an Amazon FBA biz where The Zab Twins will guide you. Starting off with the infrastructure. Big word, but it simply means creating your Amazon FBA account and setting up an LLC. It’s simple, yes, but still very important to get it right. Better start with strong foundations.

Next would be product research. Here, The Zab Twins promise to help you find that winning product. Not only should the product be profitable, it should also not require extra capital to secure, not in a very saturated niche, and offers a unique competitive advantage on its own.

Then, there’s product sourcing. It’s getting your hands on the winning product from the research I mentioned above. From concept to reality, er, actual inventory. This is easier said than done, so The Zab Twins are here to share their proven templates, scripts and resources that’ll show how to contact suppliers (from Alibaba) and build long term relationships with ‘em.

After that, it’s launch time, the real moment of truth. The main focus here, besides making sure you’re taking the private label approach to build a strong brand identity, are optimizing your listing, and establishing the best ranking strategy for your product. Again, The Zab Twins will show you how.

To finish it off, there’s the scaling process where The Zab Twins emphasize that building an Amazon FBA biz takes more than launching a lone winning product. One is not enough, you need many of them that compliment your brand to achieve sustainability. Once sustainable, you can then automate the whole thang to achieve both time and financial freedom.

Get the twin’s help through The FBA Startup’s on-demand training, group coaching calls, one-on-one mentorship, templates, and access to an online community. No indication whether this includes DFY Amazon FBA automation service either, so I assume it doesn’t have one. With that assumption, buying the said course of The Zab Twins would cost you around $5k or more.

The Zab Twins Review

Personally, I’m not a fan of Amazon FBA as a business model. Too saturated, too competitive, and too costly to start. That reason alone is more than enough for me to not recommend The Zab Twins and their course.

But then, there’s other reasons that’s more on ‘em. One, they don’t have much social proof outside their website and own YouTube channel. No violent reactions, sure, but there’s not a single praise (without affiliate links) either. Quite odd since they mentioned having over hundreds of students already.

Second reason would be their less-than-ideal copy. It’s generic af, and keeps parroting the same thoughts over and over. I understand if it’s for the sake of emphasis, but nah. To me, it looks like they’re doing it for the sake of saying something. Same energy with typing lotta words on ya essay just to hit the minimum word count. T’is a bad look on their ability to optimize listings, NGL.

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