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Tyson Zahner is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and expert in the area of attraction marketing. He’s also a photographer, and owns the Tyson Zahner Photography, established in 2006. As an entrepreneur, he specializes in multi level marketing, and is an ex-Amway distributor, top earner, trainer, and coach. His recent video advertisement has him telling about a program where he’ll reveal how he gets 200+ leads a day with virtually zero tech setup and without spending a fortune on ads. Now, multi level marketing is a business that I would not recommend to anyone at all, but let’s give him a chance and hear what Tyson Zahner has to say.

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Clicking on the link shown in the video ad will then allow you to register for Tyson Zahner’s free webclass. In his webclass, he shows you his strategies on how he uses paid ads for his offers. First, he thinks about how he can target his prospects by asking himself some questions. What gurus or leaders do my prospects follow? What books do they read? Blogs? Magazines? How about events they attend? And so on. Once those ideas come out, he notes them down. Anything that comes to his mind. He’ll then enter those keywords into Facebook’s ad targeting window and see if any of them are available to target. Additionally, he’ll click on “Suggestions,” and let Facebook come up with some great ideas he might not have thought of himself.

Once the ideas and needed keywords are set, the next thing to do is to create the ad itself. Tyson then pics a platform-appropriate picture to get as much as much attention as it can. He’ll then make an offer that can convince people to take actions, such as “Click and enter your email to attend the free training.” In this case, the offer is the free training, and the call-to-action is when you want the people to click and enter their email. He’ll also build a copy along with that ad that basically compels the audience and do several things, including differentiate from the others, build belief, answer questions, overcome objections, etc. Once the ad is complete, he’ll choose a target out of those he acquired from before and launch the ad at a somewhat low cost of $5 a day. He’ll then duplicate the ad multiple times, keeping everything more or less the same, but choosing a different target each time.

After this, he’ll check the analytics, and see which of his ad campaigns are getting the most leads and conversions. Once he got all the data, he’ll simply kill the losing campaigns and scale the winners. And the scenarios can vary as well. Worst case scenario, Tyson spends $5, $10, $25 in the campaign and gets no results. He’ll then have to come up with a new ad concept and possibly some new targets. In the best case scenario, he identifies a winning ad and audience combination, gives it more attention by cranking it up, and grows his earnings from it. Simple, yet effective.

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After his video presentation and what seems to be a demo of his ad campaign, Tyson Zahner then gets to his point. He has an online course offering for you. It’s called Attract 100 Leads In 30 Days. And as the name suggests, the goal of the course is to teach you how to get no less than 100 leads (and hopefully, some customers) within the first month of joining. His main method of achieving that? As demonstrated in the video, it’s all about using Facebook ads, which you’ll learn all about through a series of step by step videos. He claims that he’s been promoting this course for years, but recently he remade it to fit today’s digital landscape. In short, he claims this course is updated (may or may not be true).

How much does Attract 100 Leads In 30 Days cost? It cost a one-time fee of $497 or three monthly payments of $199. If you buy the online course, they’ll also throw in a free month of “upgraded” support, consisting of a private Facebook group, coaching calls, case studies, and more. But once that free month ends, it”ll now cost you $97 per month to keep the support active. Also, if you don’t buy within an hour of the webclass ending, you’ll miss out on a bunch of bonuses, and once 48 hours have passed, the price doubles. That’s some fake scarcity thing we got there.

If you’re a digital entrepreneur who frequently uses Facebook ads as their marketing platform, then you may find some value in this course. Tyson Zahner seems to be a cool and legitimate guy, too. But then again, it’s most probable that some of the methods and strategies presented here aren’t anything new, and that you can get the same amount of training from other free resources out there. Besides, relying on paid ads isn’t something a beginner can do, so this may not be for everyone. And once again, stay away from network marketing. It’s not going to do you any good.

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