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Zain Jan Review (Solar CEOs)

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Zain Jan is definitely on the roll today. He is a well-known entrepreneur and business influencer who has achieved great amounts of success in his business ventures, thanks to tapping into a niche that’s literally hot right now. We’re talking about solar energy. And he also wants you to delve into this niche right now. He claims that by joining into this niche, one can easily earn over six- to seven-figures worth of earnings a month consistently. While solar power is indeed a hot niche today, I personally believe that the business model may not be for everyone. Why? Read on this review to find out.

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So why go for solar energy-related products, you may ask? Of course, everyone should be aware of the numerous benefits a solar-powered device has, especially for the environment. They’re powered by a renewable source of energy, and their carbon emissions are virtually non-existent. That’s why Zain says that selling solar-powered devices is a very good business model, because the demand for these products is growing immensely by the minute. It’s also helpful that in recent years, environmentalists are constantly urging the public to “go green” and patronize products that are contributing to the well-being of the environment (which includes solar devices).

Zain has effectively tapped into this niche, and into the growing demand for it, which resulted in him raking in a large number of sales for his company. In fact, his solar energy business is averaging seventy million plus in sales per year, there are no signs of it slowing down. And in a single month, they’re also able to close around 400 deals. Even more, half of these deals were done online, with 90% of these deals happening virtually over Zoom. This shows how Zain has used the online space effectively to scale his business beyond anything that’s possible when done without online methods.

Of course, it wasn’t really easy for Zain at first to achieve this level of success. He didn’t just find the secret formula for his marketing strategy overnight. In fact, he has to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to find that perfect marketing strategy that has made him successful today. And during that time, he wasn’t able to generate consistent results with some of the strategies that he did. But eventually, he cracked the code and built an effective sales team to help him implement the marketing system that did generate consistent positive results for him.

From a virtually unknown digital entrepreneur, Zain has now become one of the big names in the industry, which allows him to recruit personnel that excels in sales talent, provide them with a generous amount of leads, and of course, create a generous compensation plan to maintain these personnel for the long term. It’s due to his perseverance and iron will that he’s able to found and maintain two companies that are outstanding names in the solar energy niche. In 2016, Zain helped build Sungrade Solar, a renewable energy company centralized in direct and inside sales, channel partnerships, logistics, and software development. Soon afterward, he became the CEO of Better Earth Solar.

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Zain himself also offers a training program that teaches you all of the knowledge that he has that allows him to earn big amounts of money by marketing solar products. As he said before, solar is a hot trend right now, so he claims that you won’t have any trouble finding leads to sell your offers. You could go to a different solar company and apply for being a sales agent there, but the biggest disadvantage of doing that is that you won’t benefit from the knowledge that Zain offers you.

Don’t have any experience in sales or anything related to it? It’s also not a problem for Zain. Again, he’s willing to teach you everything he knows. But Zain also says that his training isn’t for for the lazy as well. If you’re small-minded, if you have small goals, small dreams, if you’re a quitter, if you’re someone who wants to make a quick buck and relax, then this isn’t for you. Basically, he’s saying that expect a lot of hard work when you decide to take on this business opportunity.

Zain Jan’s Better Earth Solar brand doesn’t mention anything about the cost of their training program. But we can assume that it could be free, or for a very low cost. For me, though, if you’re interested in selling solar products, this is a good investment, as it’s much better than learning the tricks of the trade yourself. You get to learn from someone who has been earning a lot doing this business model. And it’s quite a popular niche today as well, so leads won’t be a problem.

Overall, Zain seems to be a legitimate and trustworthy guru, and you can definitely learn a lot from him My only problem with this? Not everyone is willing to do door-to-door sales, especially if they’re introverted. Besides, there are a lot of business opportunities out there that don’t require you to sell anything or even to have face-to-face contact with your clients. Click on the link below to find the best one among them.

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