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David Zaleski, the founder of Ecom Hub, asks you if you would like to run a profitable private label Amazon business, all for your own. And if so, what would you think if he tells you that you could do it in the next 30 to 90 days, as a side hustle (that is, without having to quit your day job). And that, for a side hustle, you can have the potential to earn $10,000, $20,000, even $30,000, and with a profit margin of around 25-35%. Of course, you’d be skeptical, and David knows it too. So let’s take a look first at his FBA Academy in this review.

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Honestly, you can start an Amazon FBA business from scratch, with just your own instinct as your guide. But of course, that path will eventually lead to failure, especially if you don’t have any experience and you have zero idea on how to properly manage your business, let alone scale it. So the usual suggestion is to enroll in an online course first, to give you a good foundation on what you have to do. But even then, some people don’t really have the time for it due to their other responsibilities, or some people just don’t want the heavy-lifting that comes with the Amazon FBA business, especially if you’re just starting out.

Enter David Zaleski’s program, the FBA Academy. It’s basically a done-for-you Amazon FBA system that takes care of all the labor that you need to create and run an Amazon FBA business. All you have to do is to tell them some criteria for your Amazon FBA store, and David, as well as his team, will do the rest for you. They will take care of things like product research and selecting three potential winners, finding the perfect supplier, negotiating, handling your listings for you, and even getting you ranked on the first page of Amazon. Apparently, it’s not mentioned if scaling your business is part of the package, but we can assume…

But despite the automation, can you make sales like crazy with this system? David claims that you can, especially under his wing. After all, he claims that he has more than five million dollars in sales under his belt, and some of his students, or those who have worked under him, are also on their way into achieving the same level of success that he had. His company, EcomHub, used to focus solely on education, selling online courses, coaching, etc., but so many members were asking for done-for-you automation services. Eventually, they gave in to their suggestions, which resulted in the birth of FBA Academy. With this, it’s about saving you time, money, and headaches. It’s also about shortening the learning curve and removing the guesswork.

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And the price? $5,000. While it’s pretty steep for most, and I agree. But to be fair, it’s actually a bit cheaper than other eCommerce automation services being offered by others, which are known to cost around five digits. Still, $5,000 isn’t easy, and the fact that they haven’t told you about the costs that you need to provide for the products you need to list, the labeling, shipping costs, marketing, and even advertising, it’s only going to pile up. Still, for the cost, it does seem like it’s quite a legitimate and trustworthy investment. While learning how to set up your own Amazon FBA business is still a plus as it provides you with the knowledge you need, your success rate may be higher if you have an expert team like David’s do most of the heavy work for you.

The testimonials for David’s program also are quite plenty. First, an individual named Arek says, “Feel good moment! Damn, does it feel good to crush your goals. I set a goal to hit ten thousand dollars within thirty days [and did it].” Arek then uploaded a screenshot of his FBA earnings, showing around $11,000 in product sales in just a month. Due to this, he wished that he would’ve known about this system and have gotten involved in FBA back in 2017. But it’s never too late to try out a new business model, right?

More positive testimonials are also available on Ecom Hub’s Facebook group. For instance, we have Rosa, who says this, “Huge shout-out to Tom and David for all the support. Launched two weeks ago and this is the first one-K-plus day. Forty-four units sold organically today.” Then there’s another guy named Johnny, who wrote, “First time hitting three K a day and thirty K in a month. Amazon works.” Finally, we have Simone, who did about $14,000 in a month, told this, “No secret sauce here, I just followed the training that Tom and David provided. I let my old mentality and old way of thinking go. I put my head down and immersed myself into what it was they were teaching.”

Overall, the vibes that I get from David Zaleski himself, ain’t that bad at all. If anything, he seems to be a good guy, and quite knowledgeable on the subject of Amazon FBA. Though some claim that, sometimes, he offers a done-for-you Amazon FBA service for a rather low price. Others say that what they are offered is an actual Amazon FBA training course instead, with no DFY elements at all. Basically, it can vary, but one thing is clear. I can’t really recommend Amazon FBA due to how saturated the business model it right now.

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