Zallevo Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

There are a lot of multi-level or network marketing companies that operate in the health and wellness space. It’s just something about that particular industry that seems to attract these kinds of companies. People just want to be healthy. Because of that, a lot of them will try to find something that will help them achieve a certain goal. Most of the time, the products that get sold by MLM companies are tied to weight loss, brain function, skin health and the like. Rarely will you see them sell actual medicine because that part of the industry is highly regulated.

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Zallevo first started out as HealthSync Global around October 2015. Its founder and CEO, Brandon Broadwater has a degree in Radiology. According to the biography about him on his website and on Zallevo’s website, he managed to “achieve financial freedom” when he was 28 and, two years later, became a millionaire. Prior to establishing HealthSync Global, he was mostly working as a motivational speaker. The path towards him founding a nutritional supplement company seems to have went through a lot of twists and turns. He also founded a “multi-million dollar real estate company” though there aren’t really any information about that particular venture of his.

It seems like most of the nutritional supplement companies have very similar processes when it comes to joining the company as an affiliate. You have to pay an annual membership fee worth $39.95 in order to be a Zallevo affiliate member. You will also need to purchase the products that you will be offering on top on that membership fee. Zallevo has a few bundles of its dietary supplements, collagen and protein powders in case you wanted to offer more products at the start. Compared to Velovita which only has four products that you can sell and a $49.95 annual membership fee, Zallevo has about 7 items you can sell. And a few of them are plant-based.

The compensation plan for Zallevo is pretty much the same among the network marketing companies. You can only be qualified for compensation when you recruit at least two more people to join the affiliate membership. The same thing applies to your recruits. You will also need to maintain a certain number of sales every month in order to qualify. There are a lot of things you have to be mindful when you become an affiliate for any of the network marketing companies.

Network marketing or multi-level marketing often rely on a constant stream of money going into the company in order to compensate all of the people in all levels. Which is why you have to keep grinding and grinding and grinding and grinding to break even. And often times, a lot of people who join MLMs don’t even manage to actually earn from the scheme. 47% of people who join mulit-level marketing schemes lose money. Another 27% rarely make money from it. Only 26% actually make money off it. Even then, they’re probably earning just enough to make it.

Joining MLMs is definitely a risk. You don’t really know whether or not you will succeed in it. So much of your time and money is put into making sure you reach the quota every month. Half of the people who join MLMs will quit within a year. Because it’s too much effort being put into it. And you’re not even sure if your effort is enough to earn money. It’s actually better if you just started a business of your own. With a self-owned business, at least you don’t have to worry as much when you have to reach a quota or something. You’re doing business in your own terms. You don’t have to rely on a uni-level structure just to get compensated. And your family and friends will probably be more supportive of that endeavor compared to you joining a MLM. A lot of friendships and familial relationships have been broken because of MLMs.

I could never really recommend multi-level marketing schemes because of how much of an effort it takes in order to have the prospect of getting paid. I’m not really sure if it could be considered a scam, per se. But it’s definitely too risky to be a part of.

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