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Settler Systems Review (Johnathon Zamora)

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Johnathon Zamora is able to scale his Shopify store to earn $101,490 in 30 days, just by learning a new marketing skill. And thanks to that skill, his once-small-and meager business has now become something that generates skyrocketing income and has allowed Johnathon to live comfortably. He also claims that business owners won’t even bother teaching or even sharing this so-called “secret skill” with others because, hey! Why would they? It’s their ace-in-the-hole, after all. But Johnathon doesn’t mind teaching this. In fact, he has been helping other ecom entrepreneurs master this skill so that they, too, can achieve the level of success that he had.

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And what is this so-called “secret skill?” It’s nothing complicated, really. It’s email marketing. While it’s a rather common (and even considered outdated) method used by other online businesses, people in the ecommerce space don’t really take advantage of this. And even if they do build an email list, they don’t have a refined strategy to follow-up these leads for them to convert. Johnathon Zamora is here to change all that by introducing a training program that can teach you how to effectively use email marketing to boost your leads and coversions for your ecommerce store. The name of the program is Settler Systems.

And Settler Systems’ email marketing strategy is broken down into six steps. The first step is to set up email automation. No matter what someone is doing, whether it’s clicking to visit the site, going to the product page, or clicking “Add to Cart” or “Abandon Cart,” it needs to trigger the most appropriate e-mail to be sent to them as a result of this action. This is where you will know the importance of email autoresponders, who can completely automate the task for you, once you’ve set it right.

The second step is to create messages that will translate to conversion for your target market. How do you know when that happens? When you send an email, Johnathon says you want a minimum of 20% open rate and 2% click-through rate. If you fall under this, your messaging needs some tweaking. The third step is by using “UGC” or “User Generated Content”. Reviews, testimonials, videos and photos, of someone unboxing some of your products, you get the idea. The fourth step is to make sure you track the performance of every email you send.

The fifth step is to begin to actually run the email campaign 2-3 times a week. The goal is to not only develop and build your leads, but also to maintain them by essentially getting to know them somehow. Some emails can be used to get more Likes, shares, and followers on social media. Some will just contain content and nothing else. And of course, when you segment your list and find out who is ready to buy, send them the actual offer to take a look. It’s about keeping deliveries and revenue high. This requires skill. In terms of firearms, you can’t just use a shotgun for this and expect to get good results. You need to have a sniper for this.

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The last step is to use the gathered data from your marketing to make some optimizations to your method and scale them. This is something that many email marketers, even agencies, fail to do. The reason? They either don’t know how to do it, or they’re simply too lazy for it. Of course, not you. Every email you send out can uncover key insights about your audience. For example, what are their likes and dislikes? What are you learning about their problems and the solutions they are looking for? And based on that, how can you go back and change the autoresponder? And what should you add or change in the future? Keep this one up, and you’ll be sold out in no time.

Jonathan then says more about the program. “This is not a joke. We are constantly having clients telling us, ‘Slow down. We can’t run another campaign till we get more inventory in.’ But these are the types of problems you wanna be having in your ecom business. Which is a nice change of pace from worrying about whether or not Facebook shut down your ad account again, or if you can even afford to keep the doors open. You wanna be instead focusing on how you can keep stock for all the new customers that are flooding in from your email marketing.”

He then closes with this statement. “This will remove the bottlenecks of you building an audience and turning window shoppers into rabid buyers. And the reason is because we are building this ecosystem of all of the people that are ready to buy and sending them promotions; all of the people that are just interested and wanting to get to know the brand, we’re sending them content, blogs, testimonials.” If this sounds interesting to you, you can book a call with Settler Systems to learn about their Email Accelerator System. The cost isn’t mentioned upfront, but you can bet that it’s going to be expensive. As someone who has worked with Ravi Abuvala in the past, he seems to be qualified to teach. Then again, email marketing isn’t really new, so it might be better to go for other free resource materials first.

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