Zero To Dangerous Review

Zero To Dangerous

Zero To Dangerous is Flow Research Collective’s course that introduces the concept of flow state and the access of it. Designed especially for entrepreneurs and leaders, it promises to unlock one’s peak performance. “We believe that in the 21st century, those who can unlock flow consistently, win,” Collective’s Executive Director Steven Kotler mentions. “It’s that simple,” he continues. Wanna know more about this flow-hacking training? Scroll below to my review below.

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This is definitely something I’ve heard before as the main gist of this is eerily similar to Mindvalley’s The Silva Ultramind System course. Instead of altered states of mind, the term used here is flow state. Regardless, they are both linked to achieving an optimal state of consciousness… Wait a minute, did I uncover the go-to script of these mindset conditioning slash spiritual awakening programs?  And by the way, don’t forget to sprinkle some pseudo-medical terms left and right while you’re at it. Whaddya think?

Anyway, here’s the founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani, vouching Zero To Dangerous course. 

“This showed me that 80% of my work was sabotaging the 20% of my effort that was producing almost all of my results! They showed me how to drop the 80% of effort that was suppressing my performance and slowing me down. The changes I made are allowing me to write my next book in a fraction of the time!”

Dang. Is this a lame attempt to connect a more scientific-grounded Pareto principle (the 80/20 rule), which is probably known by a lot of Steven’s target audience by the way, to whatever all-placebo sh*t they’re selling? Could be, could be not. But If you ask me, I’ll say Vishen knows what’s up and sayin’ it all on purpose. I mean, Steven himself is on Vishen’s Mindvalley platform too so the latter’s recommendation isn’t surprising at all. And whatever this “connecting the dots that shouldn’t be connected” BS is something Steven is also doing to sell his course. About that….

Steven is citing a McKinsey study, among several others, to back up his claim on flow state and how it relates to achieving peak performance.  In reality, you can’t even call it an actual scientific study. Instead, it’s just a compilation of personal observations that couldn’t be replicated reliably to justify its validity. Nothing new here TBH, it’s just like every other “studies” on ESP and sixth sense.

Furthermore, the OG in coining the term flow state, renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, describes it as a result of being hyper focused and in control, and not as a cause like Steven claims it to be. Simply put, it’s what you call being “in the zone” and not some step-by-step manual to actually get there. 

Realizing that his words might get twisted, Mihaly even warns, “however well-intentioned, books cannot give recipes for how to be happy.” Such a subtle shade to people like Steven who’s monetizing what is basically mind wanking stuff.

For the sake of giving you info, here’s the summary of what you can get when you buy Steven’s course: eight weeks worth of video training and exercises everyday, one-on-one coaching every two weeks, and lifetime access to a group coaching every week. All are digital and delivered online.

Zero To Dangerous Review

To give an overview of the video training, let me also list the theme every week.  For weeks 1-4, the themes are as follows: Cultivating Your Dangerous Mindset and Flow 101; Becoming A Time Jedi and Battling Cognitive Load; Reclaiming Sanity With Burnout Proofing, Recovery, and Sleep; and Optimizing Your Physiology with Positive Psychology.

Meanwhile, the rest are titled as follows: Waging War On Distraction and Overwhelm; Limitless Motivation, Pristine Clarity, and Flowy Execution; Building A High Flow Lifestyle; and Sustaining Peak-Performance Forever.

As usual, the price is nowhere to be found on the course’s website. Instead, you have to make a call and talk to one of their “gatekeepers” aka sales person. No need to pick up the phone anymore, you’re welcome by the way, as my due diligence revealed a figure of $5,000 as the course’s price.

Obviously, I’ll say a big fat NO to Steven’s Zero To Dangerous course. The massive price tag is just the final nail in the coffin of not recommending this. If you’re the usual who’s searching for this as a way to start your entrepreneurial dreams, then I’ll advise you to look away and choose a course with an actual business model instead. Otherwise, just read Mihaly’s $10 book called Flow: The Psychology Of Optimal Experience if you’re just interested in the concept of flow state. 

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