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Zuubly Review (Shiv Aiyar)

Shiv Aiyar

Zuubly consider themselves the real deal in digital real estate and lead generation. According to them, they transform a lot of websites from digital dust collector to something that get traction. “We’re the bills that pay his bills,” they claim while explaining that you can do this rank and rent biz with their course. Interested in such business? Read this Zuubly Review to learn more.

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Zuubly is a “real estate reimagined” program that offers a training course and services in digital real estate and lead generation. Their nature of business is like Bad Ass Marketers (BAM) where you are taught to create websites and rent them to local businesses. Such business model is marketed by Zuubly as pandemic-proof unlike traditional real estate, requires little to no overhead, able to provide re-occurring income, and requires no tech and sales experience. It was founded by Shiv Aiyar.

The main content of the program is their training materials marketed as “over the shoulder repeat after me” lectures that is always up to date. Specifically, they include 20+ hours’ worth of content in audio and video format. They will also provide numerous software related to setting up your own rank and rent biz such as website builder, custom calculators for finding leads and pricing deals, a proven prospecting system, and the so-called “secret software” that allegedly can get a local number in any city and track every email and calls your site get. Such software are advertised as easy to use, makes your business sell without actually doing traditional sales, and enable you to run the entire thing hands-free.

Aside from the training materials and software, Zuubly also offers live weekly Zoom sessions. They also provide access to a private Facebook group where you can collaborate with like-minded people. Finally, they also have outsourcing offers that can provide a done for you site related to virtual real estate.

The price of the program, however, is not clear from their site. They say you should have at least $500 for the first promotional video but changes to at least $1,000 in the written requirements. To be fair, they did acknowledge the discrepancy by saying they need to re-shoot the video, but it is quite disappointing for something that boast having an up-to-date resource. The actual price of the program (which is approximately $3,000) not being listed on the site and not set in stone is also concerning. This is manifested in their landing page saying, “we will be raising the price as we get more members.”

Zuubly Review

It is also off-putting to see that the reviews of their program are only from sites that uses Zuubly itself. The credibility of such reviews is questionable at best. Worst, I did try their challenge in each review to search for the businesses and it did not come up on the Google Map pack which is arguably the most important aspect of local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They did appear below but their site being too specific and unique (e.g., a company that specifically provides Palm tree services, just Palm trees) is probably the reason they rank like that and not because of a strategy behind a $3,000 course.

It is also important to note that lead generation biz is not as easy and hands-off as Zuubly claims. Being good at local SEO is difficult and usually requires frequent updates and monitoring to stay at top. You can learn how to do this effectively, but I don’t think it is with Shiv’s course.

Personally, I also would not want to deal with someone who had major issues on past projects lik Shiv. Specifically, Shiv’s problematic behaviour is manifested on his failed Kickstarter project under Hedron LLC. The way this said project falls apart is slightly suspicious, something about credit card getting declined and some “assholes” leaving Shiv to jump on another Kickstarter.

This is what Shiv said that happened. Something’s off, I just feel like what Shiv mentioned is just an excuse to try and run away with the pledged money. I mean, there’s a screenshot that claims that it’s Shiv who locked out the other members all along from accessing the project. “He has been either unreachable or refusing to let us in. The sad part is we used to be bestfriends,” the other three members (Ariane, Savand, and Keanu) commented. To top it off, Shiv handle all the said shenanigans poorly with not communicating the problem well and being so slow on processing refunds.

In conclusion, it is recommended to skip Zuubly. Lead generation and digital real estate are actual business models, but it is better to learn it from programs with a better reputation, better pricing, and more reasonable promises than Zuubly.

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