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2 Hour Agency's Robert Neckelius

2 Hour Agency is an ebook from Automatic Clients’ founder Robert Neckelius… or should I say Robert Cole now. Well, dude made the name change the moment he switched his YouTube content to web3 development and crypto. New biz, new me typa sh*t. Anyhow, he published this ebook during the time when digital marketing and creating digital agencies was still his main focus. What is it about, I’ll tell y’all in my review down below.

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As the name implies, 2 Hour Agency details the things you need to consider in building your very own agency that generates $200k a year with just two-hour work per week. The goal here is to create profit and freedom for you first, have a business you can sell down the line second.

Oh wait, Robert admits that he’s lying about the two-hour work per week. “It’s more like 30 minutes a week but I think 2 hours sounds more believable,” he mentions, “sorry for being a liar.” Oh, you cheeky bastard. And I thought this would never be more ridiculous (excluding the income, it’s still tame compared to over $100k a month income claims of other agency owners like Lucas Lee-Tyson).

But he didn’t figure this “work less, earn more” agency right away. He’s doing everything himself the old school way at first. Prospecting, cold-calling, networking, project management, and the list goes on. “Current agency owners are nodding their heads,” he adds.

He’s busy all the time, completing all the work alone like a glorified freelancer, and yet he and his agency are still getting nowhere. Not until he found a way to turn things around to make it function like how it is today— systematized, automated, and with all the tasks delegated. Besides the chill workload, he can also work, more like manage the agency, from anywhere, and get eight new clients per month on average…

I’ll tell you what, the latter is not a flex he thinks it is. How about we also talk about retaining ‘em high paying clients? No? Sure, I get the appeal of getting lots of new clients when it’s just a one time thang, but there should also be an option for those wanting familiarity and consistency.

Well, he did mention something about getting clients to come back more often by sending out emails and placing calls. But this is more like just shooting your shot hoping it banks instead of being a sure thing. They’re not high-paying clients either as Robert suggests charging less to attract more clients (sounds like quantity over quality).

Anyway, here’s the secret of his 2 Hour Agency. According to him, it’s having a repeatable system that gets you new clients on autopilot, and delivers your service to them with you, the agency owner, having as little involvement as possible. That’s it… what a fancy way to say hire freelancers rather than becoming a glorified freelancer yourself.

To add, he listed down the process if you’re yet to build your own digital agency. They are as follows: Pick a profitable niche, create a ridiculously good offer, get your first three testimonial clients, create your salesman website, get people to see your website by redirecting traffic to it, and finally, remove yourself from day-to-day operations by automating and delegating tasks.

Of course, the tips here are just surface-level knowledge. If you want the more in-depth stuff with actionable steps, you need to purchase the 2 Hour Agency’s upsells that can easily cost you a couple grands or more in total. Far from the price to buy the 2 Hour Agency ebook itself at $5.

2 Hour Agency Reviews

Not a fan of too many upsells. Like, t’is enough for me to not recommend the 2 Hour Agency ebook. It’s cheap, but then, I won’t pay a single dime just to enter a never-ending sales funnel. Stop being a tease, and start shooting straight.

Also, I’m definitely not a fan of Robert abandoning this SMMA thang (lotta links are already dead)… for crypto stuff no less! From the looks of it, it seems like dude’s just trying to hop on one trending money making opportunity to another, which is, BTW, more like money losing when it comes to crypto. 

I’m itching to tell you why crypto sucks in general, but that’s for another review. What I’ll tell you here instead is the likely reason why dude’s acting like a shameless bandwagon. That is, he’s probably the type of guru who needs to jump ship every so often to make a living out of selling “trendy” courses. Whaddya think?

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